X-Plane question

@fearlessfrog - That’s awesome…I recognize that place. By the way…in one of my previous EPOCH flights…I ran up to Chilliwack to get some helicopter work done… I’m just wondering why you didn’t tell me not to spend the night there?

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything so insane…it’s like real life GTA…


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If you have a light aircraft coming from the North into Chilliwack and it’s not carrying drugs then I think you get a free kilo at the airport. With that in mind, pretty much all that footage is now explainable. :smile:

Jus remember if you want to customize it even more, you can use the WED and load that airport up and adjust it to your liking, AKA add autogate etc.

I will say this do not visit the .org store until payday!

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Yeah. Love that place. They’ve gotten a ton of my money…

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lol, I’ve already picked up the Beaver and Bell 412 when they were on sale. @BeachAV8R is a bad influence on my checking account.

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This might very well be my next purchase


That DC-3 is really nice @weaponz248 - but wait for it to go on sale. X-Aviation regularly has 50% off sales on their stuff…so I’d recommend waiting to pick it up for $19.99 or whatever. The sound effects on that DC-3 are fantastic. I also have their T-34C and it is beautiful…

Sorry @near_blind - LOL…


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Excellent! Thanks for the tip! Will wait for it to go on sale! The DC-3 is one of my favorites!

@weaponz248 One thing I couldn’t figure out yet is how in WED to ‘force it’ to use the proper active runways. For YVR, the 12/30 is only used with a strong cross-wind, as the 08/26 Left and Right are the arrival and departure propers with ILS etc. Even if I put a gust over the airfield it seems X-plane just loves to use 12/30 for everything. Frustrating.

Is there a way to make that runway inactive in WED?

Short answer no. However the best way to work around that is simply dont use the ATC.

Ah well, thanks anyway. I did almost get a decent IFR flight out of it, and I do like to work the radios. Hopefully something that X-Plane will make better over time. I really think it helps immersion.

I agree and I think they are working on an improved ATC. However once you get into the bigger planes and the real world FMCs with SIDs and STARs you will drop the ATC. I like the imersion of the ATC but I like the actual flying the SIDs and STARs better.


vatsim.net does looks fun (vatsim.com goes to a parked domain serving ads).

Rather than better ground traffic graphics perhaps it’ll be easier to look at a traffic webcam too. :wink:

This is in the works by JARDesigns… I haven’t watched the whole thing…but it looks like part of it is a replacement ATC system of some sort (?)… Check out around the 15:00 mark where he gets cleared for takeoff…etc…

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Watching it now - thanks.

It looks great so far, exactly what I was looking for.

EDIT: Beta looks like Mac only for now. Will keep an eye out though.

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This is quite short threat so I will resurect it :slight_smile:

I am looking for help with two things.

  1. is here pls anyone capable of ’ editing ’ XP planes especialy cockpits ? What I want to achieve is for example do some small changes to the external 3D model like hiding some stuff and for example also change of positions of cockpit switches so when I fire some plane the switches will be diferent as they are by default.
    Pls direct me to some tutorial manual / video if you know about some.

  2. does anyone pls stil run XP 10 ? I gues yes. Cause I have two planes which are older and not recognized by XP11. What I need is to open and save them in XP 10 Plane Maker. According to what I have read this should make them usable for XP 11.

many thanks in advance


Painting X-Plane aircraft is pretty easy if you know how to use Photoshop, GIMP, or similar image manipulation software. But I think that you are asking about 3D modeling which is a level higher and more challenging to find someone with these skills.

As far as migration aircraft, as long as they don’t need any dependencies, as in plugins, nav databases, and the like, you can copy the ac folders into the similar folder in XP11. You can try flying it, and if it has issues, open and save in in XP11 planemaker (not XP10 planemaker). But backup your .acf files first in case you want to revert to the original.

In any case, it’s a good practice to use a mod enabler like OvGME or JSGME to allow for quick backout method.

I don’t think many people who’ve tried XP11 are still on XP10.

Hope this helps.

Just a litle :wink:

Yes 3D modeling is needed for the external models. Wondering if manipulation of the cockpit switches is also 3D modeling or if it can be done by other means.

Regarding the XP10 Plane Maker this approach was recommended by the author of that particular aircraft as verified approach. XP11 Plane Maker will not open the file unfortunately.

While I am totally enjoying XP11 with VR, I am definitely not enjoying the lousy ATC.

But the subject is X-Plane Question so I guess, like Jeopardy, I need to phrase my rant in the form of a question…“Lousy X-Plane ATC for 200, Alex.”


Why is it that I can watch a video showing how the aerodynamics of XP11 is tweaked to add minor adjustments, yet the ATC will gladly fly me into a mountain? And why is it that when it tries to do so, I can’t just cancel IFR? And finally why is it when I just switch off the frequency and just land at an uncontrolled airfield, it pops up a window to yell at me for not following ATC? (Which is more than annoying since it blocks the screen while I am trying to stay on the runway.)

…and why is there no way to load a previously developed flight plan from a 3rd party app (QuickPlan by FSWidgets) directly into the GPS on planes that do not have a FMS?

Perhaps my question should be, Is there an add on that makes XP ATC use some common sense?

After all MSFS has had viable ATC–IFR and VFR–since at least 2002 (or was it 2000?). This has got to be easier than exhaust thrust or accurate wing vortexes…just say’n