X-Plane Releases Thread (2019)

Nice info, thx. I am interested in the part after ‘database’ :slight_smile: Do I understand it correctly that at the time of purchase of GTN750 I will receive the most current database and in case I want to update this database in future I have to pay, correct?

no, the database version is the last that Garmin provide for free on the gtn750 trainer.
Usually, Garmin times to times do updates and the reality-xp update it also to support the last trainer.
You can go to garmin website and install the trainer and there you can have like a demo of what if the gtn750 :slight_smile:


PC trainer suite for gtn 2.5.0

what reality xp do is insert this trainer inside xp11 and connect it with aircraft systems and variables.

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I see ORBX released Tacoma Narrows airfield today for both P3D and X-Plane…looks nice!


I managed to refrain from buying anything in the recent sale, but every time they bring a new airport scenery out I feel I’m falling behind. :crazy_face:

I’m trying to get a good selection of OrbX airports in the PNW area in preparation for Air Hauler 2.


Um…Tacoma? The City of Destiny? Isn’t that where Ted Bundy grew up? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::grimacing:


Tacoma Narrows… I know that name from a collapsing bridge. Which is a nice example why resonance can be a dangerous thing.

For anyone unable to see the embedded video 


Forgot why the name sounds familiar until you mentioned the bridge failure.


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Just popped into my email.

It’s been released for a few weeks and unfortunately it is getting trounced in the forums…

I think the update fixed a lot of the issues though? I haven’t purchased it yet mainly because I’m not really into modern airliners and long haul flights (too much like work). Still, I’m tempted.


So this is an update to bring an X-Plane 10 version of the Pitts that was originally from X-Hangar up to X-Plane 11 compatibility. I think there is a more recent, payware version of the Pitts from Alabeo available, but this is a maybe a nice free-ware compromise. I’m not responsible for you using this plane in contravention to how @smokinhole would fly his… :wink:

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I used the Alebeo S-1 to help prepare me for the real thing. It was ok for working around the pattern but didn’t fly much like the real thing. The performance was too good. The roll-rate was at least twice as fast. And the features that define the type: torque and gyro physics were weak or non-existant. Much if this may have as much the to do with limitations in X-Plane as with the module itself. Similar issues are found with DCS’ Christen Eagle.

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Look what I just found on the x plane store…

A c42c ikarus. A plane I have been looking to pass a check ride in after flying it a few times. I wondered if they had one on x plane to play with.

They haven’t just got any old ikarus…they have


I am so fricking excited about this. I’ve actually flown that exact plane albeit briefly but that’s OURS!!! WOW!!!


This looks like a beautiful freeware scenery for an obscure airport in Del Norte, Colorado. The X-Plane identifier is 8V1 (shows up as such in X-Plane) whereas the current ID for the airport is KRCV. Looks like a nice first effort by the author - check out the additional screens on the .ORG page…this looks like payware quality:


Realy nice effort. I would almost bet that it is a local airport for the author of the freeware.


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Nice freeware/donationware by the esteemed TDG of Lampedusa, Italy (LICD)…


New thread for 2020 is over here: X-Plane Releases Thread (2020)

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