X-Plane Releases Thread (2020)

I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be a pivotal year for X-Plane. They know how the competition is shaping up and this is their year to respond. Looking forward to both sims, honestly. :slight_smile:


Some new aircraft to kick off the new year…

The Marchetti S-211 looks pretty good.


I have the DCS Yak 52 but I have to,admit that an X-Plane version is appealing.


I might have to treat myself to at least one of these when I get home next week.


@PaulRix, the decision has already been made to get both. Isn’t that right? :wink:
I’m hoping XP 11.50 with Vulkan, will help me run XP, in VR, on my PC.


You know me too well it seems :laughing:.

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Aeroworx has released their free de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth II - looks like it might be a fun VR plane…


I’ll definitely be adding this one to my virtual hangar. :sunglasses:

Love the Tiger Moth! Love it!

This seems like a good deal…just released Robin DR400 for X-Plane at only $14.99…!

“This all-new DR400 for X-PLANE has been modeled by our in-house development team to the same exceptional quality as all the recent Just Flight aircraft, but we’re making it available to you at this permanent special low price by way of a seasonal thank you for all your support and your custom over the last few years.”

“PBR materials with real-time environment reflections, HD textures and exceptionally detailed modelling make Just Flight’s DR400 for X-Plane 11 a real visual treat. Cockpit functionality is comprehensive and accurate, with IFR-capable avionics, interactive checklists, custom sounds, interactive engine pop-up window and Flight Computer panel among the features. The DR400 comes in ten paint schemes and boasts custom-coded fuel and electrical systems, functional circuit breakers, optional failures, custom external light logic and accurate flight dynamics.”


Not bad… there is also one other free ‘thank you’ module from Aerobask. DR401 with glass cockpit if anyone missed it


This one is near and dear to my heart. Of course, they put the bed on the wrong side of the plane if they intend to get that patient around the corner… :thinking:

This is a mod of the default Laminar C-90B:


Actually…it looks like some operator DID modify the C-90 door!


BeachAV8R: too much like work…or give me a new Air Hauler Mission? :love_you_gesture:

That Robin does look like a good deal! Never heard of the plane, though - need to look it up.

Looks like Traffic Global by JustFlight has now been released for X-Plane. This is one I will definitely pick up if the initial reviews are favorable. At $52.99, it ain’t cheap…


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Actually it’s been out for awhile now. I think it just hit the Org store today.



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So this is pretty cool. JustFlight/Thranda is offering a demo of some of their airplanes. This is perfect for me because I’ve been on the fence about the TB-10 / TB-20 package, so I’m going to give it a shot. Restrictions are:

  • Five minutes of flying time
  • Twenty miles of flight
  • 1,200 AGL limit.

Basically this should allow you to do a pattern or so.


I hope that at the time / distance / altitude mark the aircraft turns into a cow or something and falls to the ground spectacularly :grin:

This actually worked out great for me. Demoed the TB10 and, as I suspected, the instrumentation geometry is a bit flat and the texturing is a bit bland, so it definitely saved me $30. That is an older model that was updated to XP11…


I think this is very welcomed activity from Thranda and JF. The Demos were great for JF’s FSX stuff also ( its paradox that XP has a demo but no 3rd party module had demo until now ).

Btw here you can find the full list of JF’s XP demos :

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