X-Plane Releases Thread (2019)

I have been having some fun with the Cri Cri this afternoon. Very simple to fly, with an outstanding view in VR. For $15 you can’t go wrong. Hopefully they will continue to improve it…


A couple more…

These were with XEnviro 1.12 which released a few days ago. The clouds are a big improvement over the previous version. If you have XEnviro but like me, shelved it for awhile, then this version makes it well worth looking at again.


Neat little plane. Planes of Fame has one hanging from their ceiling and boy is it SMALL.


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Showed up in my email today.


does this mean that we’ll eventually see the Saab 340 redone?


You mean this one? It was released not too long ago.

Disregard… Wrong Saab 340! :rofl:

I was going to post that Carenado is having a “Black Week” sale and list a couple of XP11 offerings…but their site is basically locked up…too many folks getting in on the sale? :astonished:

EDIT: then I got this:

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Are any of the X-Plane aircraft on the sale?

:arrow_heading_up: Patiently waiting to see if the X-Plane store is going to have a sale and really hoping that the Airfoillabs King Air 350 is included.


Haha I’m the same!!


Same here

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The King Air 350 is very nice. One of the very best add-ons available for X-Plane…

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I’m just seeing the Shrike Aero Commander as being on sale for X-Plane. Kind of disappointing for the big annual Carenado sale.

OrbX has released True Earth Northern California!


Most likely a day 1 purchase for @BeachAV8R and me.

Verticalsim Studios Debuts Myrtle Beach - Threshold

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Still cannot get into the Carenado site. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over…

It’s Tango Uniform for me as well. :grin:

Definitely. Now if I could get them to do Grand Strand too…(KCRE)…I’d be set!