X-Plane Releases Thread (2019)

I flew there once (in FSX) - fun stuff.

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Another question:
When are usually the sales at the X-Plane store?

Asking because I don’t want to buy the plane for 40 bucks and then see it in a sale a week later for a lot less.

I watched some videos and looked at available liveries and I am 99% sure now that I will buy that Challenger 300. Complexity-wise right where I want it, looks cool, and doesn’t seem to be too hard on the frame rates.
The main point of critique seems to be the FMC so I looked at some videos of the standard X-Plane11 FMC and played around with it myself in the stock 737. Nice enough for me, as I am not that hardcore so I don’t miss the little details that probably drive y’all professional pilots nuts when they are missing.
In fact I have used FMCs very rarely until now, I even forgot how to input a flight plan and had to go watch a video tutorial… :sweat:

I think the biggest ones are usually black friday (the next one, in a month and a half), winter holidays and 4th of july. So if you can hold off for about 45 days you might just want to do that.


Aginor, I recommend you keep watching daily the X-Plane.org sales page (Special section on Store). They always have products at sale. Some products goes more times than others in sale and some almost never are even on big seasons sales.
I have a list of around 40 websites that i watch daily, and one of them is that sales page on x-plane.org :wink:

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I’ve never actually tracked the dates. I know they have a big July 4th sale…and I’m sure they have a Christmas sale. Not sure if there is a Thanksgiving one or not. Whatever the case, I visit almost every day and try to keep an eye on the sales each day…

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Thanks, guys!
I might take the risk then and just buy it. I hyped myself a lot with those videos, I don’t think I can wait. :smiley:

Ok I vaguely remember asking this before as well, but I don’t remember the answer.

Is there any notable difference between the X-Plane store and the aerosoft store when buying the Challenger? (Except I don’t have to convert Dollars into Euros and the price is slightly different)

Man, I have bad impulse control.
I just bought the Challenger 300. Flies well. :slight_smile:

…but I admit that I am extremely out of practice with business jets (and Xplane in general).

Some pics of the two additional liveries I downloaded. Might use one of those for the Christmas Flight.


It’s pretty! Congrats on the new bird.

I’m yet to decide on my Xmas flight plane purchase…decisions, decisions…


And fast!

(ok, not like a Citation X, but fast enough).

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I’m still really bummed we don’t have a better G-IV or G650 in game, but it’s probably for the best for everybody else - I’d have way too much fun making lyric references.


I still want a Lear 45…I love the looks of that plane…


Charlotte XP scenery is on sale. Tempting, but the color of the seats in Bank of America stadium is terribly off, and there’s no Calvary Church (aka The Pink Palace) that I see.

I would not get that. Taburet is sort of some low hanging fruit as far as scenery design goes. I would bet that is a pretty minimalist effort to be honest.

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Good to know. I was kinda wondering, their stuff seemed kinda steep for what it is, and honestly it looks like stuff that could be done in 3Ds Max in an hour.

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Yes…they tend to just collect a lot of open source stuff (like elevation data) and publish packages that really probably aren’t worth it. I mean, it all depends on what you are expecting though…but those previews of the city-scape were pretty uninspiring.

I noticed that too…and the stadium parking lot attendants are all wearing yellow jerseys with “SHOOTER” emblazoned on them…oh wait…that’s a different thread…my bad. :wink:

This might be fun in VR…


Not out yet, but time to check how much space you have on your SDD (I’m going to have to buy another one I think)…


Insta-buy for me…

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Same for me. Lots of airports that I have flown into in RL are in this area… SFO, Oakland, Napa, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Monterey…