X-Plane Releases Thread (2020)

“In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.”

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The weathering on those 152 skins looks awesome. The ones I flew were pretty beat up…LOL…so it feels authentic to me…


Any cockpit pics?

I just pulled the trigger on the 152. I am holding out on the arrow for now… at least for today :laughing:.

I figure that I flew the 150/152 for a lot more hours than the Arrow, and also the Arrow is a more complex aircraft, so if I have to pay full price then the Arrow represents better value.

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I’m firing it up right now… I’ll post some screenshots of the cockpit for you.


Be interesting to see if it is better than this - I really enjoy this one, and it’s great in VR etc.

The link in the above was a bit old, so I updated it to this - the old carendo that this was based on is unrecognisable, and goes on sales for about $10 regularly. A good deal.


Here you go @Aginor

The GTN750 was automatically detected and installed into the panel. I love the GTN most of the time, but I highly doubt there are many 152’s with that GPS unit. I might have to look into disabling it with this aircraft. I’ll have to fly it some more, but it is definitely a quality aircraft. You really have to persuade it to stall. If you just pull the power off and let the airspeed decay then you just enter a mushy state where the yoke is all the way back but the nose is only slightly raised and you are in a stable descent. To properly stall, you have to get the nose up while you have the airspeed to do so and then keep it there until the stall occurs, and the nose drops. This is realistic as I recall. It has been over 20 years since I flew a 152 though, so hopefully my memory serve correctly.


IIRC the 152 is known to be pretty hard to stall and to recover pretty quickly and almost automatically from any stall or spin so that sounds about right.

The cockpit looks nice. But you are right the GPS looks a tad out of place. IMO a 152 should have everything analog. :slight_smile:

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Agreed :slight_smile:


And there is also this latest addition from vFlyteAir to 150/152 family (wondering why all the developers develop almost exact same planes :slight_smile:)

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Oh man…that panel brings back great memories…and the smell…a mix of 100LL and old puke…LOL…


For me, the Just Flight 152 cockpit seems more familiar. I remember the plastic facia on the panel that was cracked and worn. They went through several generations of panel so I guess I picked the right one for my personal trip down memory lane.


That Robin is kinda nice, thanks for the tip, @NEVO !

Flying over EDSB

The girl looks a tiny bit stressed though. :smiley:


Wondering why they didnt mention following fact in the product description of LIPX :

During the Bosnian War, the airport was used by NATO aircraft as a staging area.

XTrident Tornado owners could be interested

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I just picked up that C152. It’s not the same aircraft as the Robin 2120 the flight school uses, but it has the same engine and fairly similar performance. Quite nice for bobbing around virtual Auckland, I think.


A quick flight around the circuit at NZNE. She is quite fun!


Carenado have released their latest X-Plane aircraft, the Cessna 170B…

It looks great and is priced well at $24.95. I love these older airplanes, and so this will inevitably end up in my virtual hangar.


Love those old yokes!

That’s beautiful!

A couple of new releases at the Org Store this morning…

The X-Flight Citation Longitude…

And the Glasair Sportsman which comes in both tail dragger and tricycle gear versions.

I haven’t purchased either of them (yet),. :thinking:

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Those X-Flight models look pretty rough. I’m gonna pass on those…

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