X-Plane releases thread

Yeah, that overlay batch builder is really appreciated.

Oh c’mon…you didn’t want to download 2TB of newly formed orthos?

Cool, the next beta release is due to be the VR one.


I hope so… playing for 15mins at a time in Flyinside is getting old.

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Here we go again, X-Plane 11.11r1 is out.


New payware scenery KAWO / Arlington (just north of Seattle - I had to Google it because I thought it might be Texas). At $29.95 not cheap by any means (I’ll wait on a sale), but incredibly detailed…and not just the airport, but a wide area around it…! Includes Fugios Ranch and Gabriel’s Farm. This definitely looks like ORBX quality…

Lots of pics HERE

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Is there anywhere changelog or something?

That looks really pretty!

I usually check here:

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Wow that’s a really amazingly well done Arlington Municipal!
Looks very realistic from the real life times I visited there to plane spot while having a family picnic on the grass and for their fun yearly Fly In event in July.
Will definitely be adding that to my buy list especially now for nostalgia visits since I moved to the opposite side of the country this year (mid Atlantic)… good find and good example of the payware quality in X-Plane 11 these days.


Some delicious HD tree replacements by MisterX…


Nifty little package from iBlueYonder (distributed by X-Aviation it appears) - Minute Man (6B6) and Plum Island (2B2) up in Massachusetts. Not quite in my price range yet…but gorgeous looking scenery…



That is just amazing. I really want to make Blairstown (1n7) to that quality. The work required is staggering.


I’d love to know how and why they pick the airports they do (any scenery designer). My assumption is that one of the members of iBlueYonder must live in the vicinity. Superb work from what I can see. I have a discount coupon that takes it down to $19.99…still thinking on it.

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I have about 65 hours in a turbo Arrow, so very happy to see this released from Just Flight. If you own the other JF Arrow and you bought it from the .org store, this one is yours for $14.99 US.


I almost didn’t buy the ASDG PA-18 Super Cub based on Stephen Dutton’s review at XPlaneReviews. Lest you think that only positive reviews are penned on that site, there was enough negative written in that article to wave off even the most ardent bush pilot, especially at the steep retail price of $42.95. That’s Just Flight and Carendo territory, and for that entry fee, especially Cubs being slightly more complex than a mechanical pencil, one would expect to be served steak and lobster along with your fabric covered steel tubing.

But the Chipwich hanger was missing a good anchor point and foundation for its bush flying equipment inventory, and a Super Cub would be the perfect little sister to the Beaver, Twin Otter, and Caravan now in residence. When the .Org Store lowered the Super Cub’s entry fee $10 for a few days, I decided to bite. And I’m really glad that I did.

Most of the aforementioned review’s complaints were pointed at the included Sim Coder’s Reality Expansion Package, which places the responsibility of aircraft ownership heavily on one’s shoulders, including a rather specific priming and start sequence, fouling spark plugs, aircraft maintenance, and damage modeling at the hands of a careless bush pilot. IMO, none of this stuff was intrusive enough to become aggravating, and very much added to this erstwhile flying lawnmower’s charm.

In fact I found it quite the opposite. As much as the Super Cub’s authentic look, sound, and feel are enjoyable, its eccentricities enamored me further than I would have been flying one with less headaches, say the FSX default cub. It’s complicated.

I will agree that a dearth of manuals (under development) smacks of the usual Carenado/Alabeo mistreatment. There are some extra .acf files in a folder called OPTIONAL 11.10 Beta, which populate your X-Plane aircraft menu, and didn’t work well for me when I swapped them for the originals. But this is a Cub. It’s a battery, magneto, and starter switch, a throttle and a mixture knob. After a month of flying a Lear 25D, I don’t really need a POH to fly a Cub!

Not that my taildragger chops are particularly sharp at the moment. But I didn’t find anything unexpected in how she handles. Stick and rudder lads! At its finest!


FlyJSim 737-200 V3 now released!

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