X-Plane releases thread

Perhaps a cubemap projection kind of thing. Cheap and easy to do, not sure how dynamic the system is for X-plane but I would generate one for departure and arrival airport and then just generate one each 3 minutes. Shouldn’t make an impact on modern systems.

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Someone made that for xplane, 33€, perhaps a bit pricey but it looks okay:

Yeah…Peter Hagar aircraft have been around for a long time…and by all accounts he does a good job on systems and flight modeling…but the 3D pits are definitely on the coarse side. That looks like an interesting aircraft though…I might pick it up when it goes on sale. Thanks for the post - I wasn’t aware it had been released…

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Quite true, but the outside looks gorgeous, bit of a shame I suppose. Looks very interesting though! Oh btw, the X-plane store mailed me about it’s release, then again you probably get 20 of those a day :wink:

I’ve set my mail rules to bin all e-mails unless the word “Hornet”, “F/A-18”, or “F-111” are contained within the subject line or body.


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Hah! Fishing for those early keys again eh? :wink:

I’m still trying to find dirt on @nicholas.dackard so I can get my grubby hands on that Viggen…LOL…


If I’d help you, could you fix me a key too?

A nice little free version of LSGK - Saanen Airfield in the mountains of Switzerland. Tight little airport with big runway displacements. I first saw this airport in the impressive Falcon 7X demo where they were showing off the short field chops of the new aircraft. I took the freeware Falcon 7X for X-Plane in there…(fun aircraft…not ultra realistic though) as well as the RJ70, which has also landed at Saanen fairly regularly (on packed snow no less!).

Scenery package: HERE

A few screens from my landings today. Remember to put your fuel sliders down to probably less than 2 hours remaining to give you better stopping performance. Vref for the Falcon 7X is around 104 (!)…that is less than our straight wing Citation in some cases…wow!

How it’s done in real life:


Short field you say? More like a postage stamp…

Have a hard enough time finding it let alone landing it lolm

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757 getting some upgrades to come up to par with 767 I assume. No release date but it will be XP 10 and XP 11.

Good news. Now if we could get them to up date the 777 and the A350. Id be a happy individual!


How do you like that RJ-70 Beach? I looked at the screenshots and felt like the interior is not quite on-par with the Quality Wings BAE 146 for FSX.

Also I noticed there’s now 2 AeroCommander 500 versions in the X-plane store, perhaps a showdown between both versions is in order? :wink:

Do NOT buy the RJ70 or any other product from the The Avroliner Project…! The product support is horrible, I haven’t seen any updates, and the developer is completely uncommunicative. What exists is OK…not super, but not horrible either. I like it for what it is. His website is pretty slick…and makes it look like you are embarking on an RJ development journey, but you aren’t.

The Quality Wings BAe or the Just Flight one would be far better purchases in my opinion…

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Alright - since my magazine deadline has come and gone - time to update to 10.51. Honestly, I can’t wait for XP11 so that I can start with a new install. My XP10 install is looking rather…

Yes, it appears pretty small. However, consider that it is 1400 x 40 meters in total length (4,593’), and while the displaced thresholds for each end take away some of that, the rollout through the other end is counted as available landing distance. Thus:

Runway 8 - Landing distance available = 3,510’
Runway 26 - Landing distance available = 3,445’

Which isn’t too bad. But all that terrain sure makes it look terrible. And 3,500’ +/- is by no means a lot of runway…you definitely have to be on your game, on Vref, don’t flare excessively trying to grease it on, and have all the typical stuff armed and ready to go (speedbrakes, lift dump, reversers, braking)…

A great little airport though. Switzerland has many of them! (If anyone can find higher resolution images of the Skyguide diagrams, I’d sure love to see them…best I could find was below…)

Oh man…this is the airplane I’ve been waiting for…!!! Yes!!!

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Not a release - but a feature we will see in X-Plane 11 - ground service traffic. Nice addition that will add some immersion…


FlyJsim Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 on offer: