X-Plane releases thread



You have to land flat. Pretty much level off just over the runway and just let the speed bleed off (which can eat up a lot of runway).


Cool. I wish they would update their C-17 for X-Plane…


They have some other neat airplanes in their FSX inventory as well. Hopefully they will port them all across at some point.

@Bogusheadbox might like this one…

and I’m liking the look of the Martin Marlin

Regarding the B47, I fixed the default head position in VR by editing the B-47_vrconfig.txt file. With that out of the way, I’m actually quite enjoying it. The systems modeling is pretty basic, so it is a long way from being a study sim. It flies well though once you get a feel for it.


X-Plane 11.30 RC 3 - Return of the Sun Flickering.

Looks like they are sorting out that sun flicker @PaulRix - might be worth a try.



I got the FSX version but have never flown it. I sort of forgot that FSX only goes up to 4 engine axis.

Does X-Plane allow for all six engines on separate throttle levers?


I think it allows for eight? Not sure if those are axis or just commands though…


I’m not sure 8 is really enough ;).


B36! Six turnin! Four burnin!


Wow…a fairly obscure reference to the late 1970’s early 1980’s sitcom staring Dick Van Patten! :roll_eyes:


Lol. I had to Google “ Dick Ven Patten to find out what you were referring to. Being born and raised in the UK, we didn’t get a lot of the US tv shows back then.


THIS is interesting… Austin Meyers, Creator of “X-Plane”, is a part of this team!


Well, Austin is rich enough to experience the aviation motto:

“Know how to make a million dollars in aviation? Start with two million.”


That saying it WIDELY used in the world of lorries as well Chris :joy::+1:


That bamboo pole mounted nosewheel looks…umm…interesting…


And the part when they are pushing that plane into the hangar. Seeing so many people in prop arcs just offends my sensibilities. Electric motors too. Ugh. Just bad, bad visions of bad things. I don’t even like to get within a foot of a garbage disposal. Get a tow bar and a tractor guys!


Agreed. Every prop is live. Even when there are 8 to dodge…


They are going to have to hire Catherine Zeta Jones to plug it in…



There is a much better shot of her in those lazers…you know the one I speak of!
But it’s a family site…
But you know the one :ok_hand:


Yes, that was the one I thought of too…and decided to abide by my own terms of service…haha…


Yeah, even in the world of RC, people don’t realize electric props can actually do more harm than gas/nitro. A gas engine that size just putters out if it hits something, but an electric motor still will be trying it’s best to turn… combine that with an armed electric motor being silent, and well…

That said, many rc planes have electronic speed controls (the amp that translates battery power to motor, essentially the ‘throttle” of the plane) that will beep/flash when live and at zero throttle to alert users that it’s live. It’ll be interesting to see if this trend is applied to full scale electric planes as they become more common.