X-Plane releases thread



It can (sorry, Cannes) but only in the very limited way Beach suspected. It has to be scripted within the scenery. A good example is Polychop’s Quatam River—hands down, the best helicopter scenery in X-Plane—where on the 1st of every month, the strips have obstructions (felled trees) which I believe don’t get removed until the next day. Honestly I have no idea how it works or even if it does. It just so happens that I have never flown it on the 1st.


Diferent team also starting with ’ P ’ - PropStrike Studios




Wow…I didn’t know that happened. I missed that…


Seeing all the new X-plane stuff, I’m seriously considering leaving P3D and moving over.

It looks cleaner on default. And I’d prefer to have good native VR.


You should give the free demo a whirl. Nothing to lose by doing so, and you can experiment around with it and see if you like it. I’m buying fewer and fewer P3D products these days.


Thanks Chris. I’ll do that. :+1:


What is your primary aircraft type or sim flying type? You a tube-liner guy or bush plane? I might be able to come up with some good freeware recommendations. The default X-Plane 737 and MD-80 are very, very good though…so that should cover those bases (and they are fully VR compatible).


I know @PaulRix picked it up…but something about the X-Rotors AW139 sure looks appealing…


The last few posts have put the final nail in my FSX coffin.

On a totally different subject, does anybody want to buy an bunch of ORBX scenery DVDs for FSX? Cheap! No?? :open_mouth:


I really really want to try that…


Mostly bush planes, yes. With the occasional helo thrown in.
To go fast, hows the default mil stuff?

Thanks again. I installed the demo and impressed. I needed some time to get my controls all set up, but its good now.


Looks like Carenado has released their Saab S340 for X-Plane. Not sure if I really need (want) this since I have the 340 by X-Aviation…



Which would you say is better? :thinking:


Where can I buy the aw139 for XP 11? I looked on the store but I couldn’t find it. I have never bought anything for XP yet so I’m not sure of other places to buy.

I really want that chopper I love the LAFD paint scheme

**never mind I found the shop


In case other people are interested.

AW139 here


Sorry that wasn’t very smart. I should of posted the link when I found it.


Nothing to be sory about.

Njoy your new helo and be sure to post some screens and impresions ( in case you made the purchase ) :slight_smile:


I haven’t bought it yet but I’m (sorry) hovering over the buy button. I’m torn in case the DCS tomcat comes out.
I do really think it will be worth it though. The helicopters in x plane feel incredible and this is just about my favourite civil chopper out there


I am usualy the same - first decided about purchase then sudenly change my mind when I saw purchase buton :slight_smile: