X-Plane releases thread



I have only ever had a 2 minute play in a real helicopter with a very rich friend and I can’t actually tell if they feel right but they certainly perform how I would expect them too in x plane. The feeling of weight is definitely how I imagine it. I’m basically talking myself into this purchase


Have you got the DCS Huey?


No I haven’t. I’ve really been holding off buying the helicopters for dcs as my heart belongs to the Hind and they are apparently releasing one in the future.
In all honesty I think if I could get a Hind or a Ch-53 (preferably a k model) I wouldn’t ever buy another heli.
I’ve been neglecting the civil flying lately and pretty much exclusively flying combat on dcs. Nothing really grabs me on x plane that I really want to learn but I am a big big fan the aw-139 and that might get me back into the civil stuff a little more.


As much as I love flying helo’s in X-Plane, the DCS Huey and Mi8 take the experience to a new level, especially in VR. Add a Gametrix Jetseat (or whatever they call the latest version) and the experience is phenomenal.


sure, guns and rockets and stuf :wink: just joking…

imo DCS helos ( e.g. the two mentioned ) are so ’ perfect ’ that you need realy good hw [ controlers and PC pushing FPS ] to enjoy them fuly.

On the other hand flying Ka50 [ with autopilots/stabilisers off ] is realy pleasure imo at almost any circumstances :slight_smile:


Good controls are certainly a plus, no doubt about it.


Somebody’s got to review it for PC Pilot! :grin:


Just finished installing X-Plane 11 :grinning:
This was the final install screen…

…how did they know I used FSX? :confused:


Great! Now we can start pointing you to all the excellent addon’s available. Grab a cup of coffee, and take a seat. This is going to get expensive :wink: .


On that note…I noticed that ORBX is offering a UK airfield that is 40% off if you own the FSX version…I need to explore their site with my calculator app…will probably need a 64-bit calculator app…:fearful:


I highly recommend the OrbX True Earth GB series. Then start adding airports. The good thing with OrbX though is that they have some really good sales from time to time.

The True Earth scenery has really set the new bar IMHO and is well worth the investment.


I have been looking at that. I have most of the UK for FSX…a great place to fly around…lots of scenery and not so big that flights take hours. Plus I lived in CAMBS for 3 years so I am familiar with some areas.


Then you will definitely get enjoyment out of the True Earth GB packages. The problem for me is that it is so good, I have found myself not wanting to fly in any other region.


Nothing wrong with that. :grin: Somewhere I plotted out the Mach Loop in Wales with the ORBX scenery.

The ORBX Norway and Alaska are very good for “majestic mountains” stuff.


Flying the Mach Loop in the Just Flight Hawk is a real blast, and it looks stunning with the OrbX scenery…



Yeah…I must say that with the default aircraft and scenery (I started with the Virginia Tidewater area) it’s not all that interesting. However the FPS is smooth as silk and the airport (KORF) is really good for a generic.

The TrackIR is squirley…swinging all over the place…need to figure that out…probably just need to tailor a profile.

…and I just got FSX and DCS tweaked!


I bought X-Camera a while back for XP10, and I think it’s still relevant in 11 (can anybody verify this?)


Sorry for the delay in the reply…but I’m sorry to report I’m not sure :frowning: I haven’t used it, but perhaps a note to the developer maybe will get you an answer.


So here is a pretty cool/nice mod to the JRollon Jetstream 32. I really like this plane, although yes, it is starting to show a bit of age with the interior textures and 3D modeling. But it still stands up and seems to work pretty well in XP11.

This mod changes the panel textures from the default black/dark to white and it makes a ton of difference. Easy mod, just changing out one file. I really like it and feels like it improves overall readability for some reason. Here are some screens I took: