X-Plane12 on an RTX 3070

Hmmm. It’s either XP11 on steroids with all sorts of mods and reshade as clickbait… for a channel with less than 10 subscribers…
Or this is a leaked release of XP12. :grimacing:

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This looks like a terrible breach of either an NDA or an early pirated version or something. Whatever it is…it certainly doesn’t highlight anything…all the flying is terrible…the camera angles are terrible. Ugh. That’s a shame if it is a beta that got stolen and pimped out like that…

The yt channel joined in on the same date the video was posted.
PR stunt?

Edit. Looking at the comments I’d say, nah…

OF COURSE it’s clickbait! The title alone says it. But if any of us view it, we become complicit in this nonsense.


I take all of the above == “Don’t click on it”.


Exactly, when i saw “XP12 released”, i thought wtf!?! then instead of opening the video, i goes to the x-plane.com and saw that was not. Then the video i not open neither will, i hate clickbaits…

if it is clickbait can we delete it? or change the title of this thread at least?


Good point.

  1. Have you watched the video?

  2. Having watched the video, what name change would you be looking for?

What is peoples problem with this video?
I’m asking, because I don’t see it.
By clickbait, I assume you mean the video title that XP12 is released?
No, it has not been released. This is possibly a PR stunt by LR or more likely, a tester violating the NDA.
Either way, is it illegal to post that video on yt? If so, I guess LR would’ve had it taken down by now.

Yes, bad form to violate an NDA. Is that why we should remove it from the forum?
Again, I’m asking because I don’t quite see the problem.
So, if there is a problem, help me see it.

As the second to call it clickbait, let me say that I categorize nearly everything with over-the-top titles or host reaction shots as “clickbait”. Because that is what they are. YT requires clicks. Content creators are desperate for them because that is how one gets promoted under Google’s model. I make it my goal to watch nothing that works within this system. There is another thread that was active last week with a conversation about a clickbait creator who doesn’t like DCS anymore. To me, he also fits into this classification. It’s such a deep level of prostitution that I am embarrassed for the creator, and sometimes the viewers as well. But I understand that it’s just me. Where I differ is that you will never get a request from me to “LIKE” what I have to say.


@smokinhole, that’s all good. I get that.
But what of the video, apart from its title…? It is showing a flightsim that many of us are interested in. Is the fact that it most likely is a result of an NDA breach enough to delete this thread?

No. I didn’t watch the video. I assumed (dangerous thing for a pilot to do) that it was X-plane 11 misrepresented as X-Plane 12 based on what I was reading. If it really IS XP12 then it no longer qualifies as “clickbait” in my convoluted definition. Why? Because the title in that case would be an honest representation of the content. I don’t care about any NDA because that is none of my business.

But even if it IS “clickbait” to not only me, but to most other readers as well, I still don’t think it should be removed. People can post whatever appeals to them so long as they abide by whatever rules are established on the site they post to. I just personally resent seeing grifters benefiting by the traffic. That’s my hill to storm alone; no one else needs to follow my lead.


its easy. is XP12 released? no. what says the video? XP12 RELEASED! if this kind of posts are ok here, then ok ( I can post some more :stuck_out_tongue: ). let the people here click all over the place, they are doing it on yt already anyway :grin:

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Unfortunately I have no control over what the video creator names his video. I can only control the title of this thread.

but why? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I can sympathize with that. But in this case the uploader created the channel at the same time as he uploaded the videos. Probably don’t want to get caught. But I doubt he earns much from this video, alone? Not sure how Youtube works in this regard though…

Well, the video title is perhaps clickbait, but this post…?
And we’ve had many clickbait videos posted on this forum. Lots of youtubers have clickbaity titles on their videos these days.
I’d say the title of this XP12 video was deceitful, which is much worse than clickbait, IMO.

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Then… having no idea what’s in the video, what would be the reason for asking the thread title to be changed? And again, changed to what? :confused:

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