X Rebirth on VR

Not considered a classic, as it sort alienated any X-series fans with its gamifcation, but still, interesting to see what they come up with…

X Rebirth VR Edition will be released via early access in the first half of 2017, and will be available as a new standalone game. If you own X Rebirth already, you will be able to get the VR edition at a discounted price.

While X Rebirth VR Edition is based on X Rebirth Home of Light, every aspect of this game is tailored towards an immersive VR experience for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.



Wow nice!
X:Rebirth was the pre-order that taught me not to pre-order, but over the last couple of years the dev has fixed alot of stuff that was wrong with it and always free or discounted for those of us who got burned buying it…

VR might just be the feature that turns it into a pretty good thing.

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Yep, there was practically a bile lake formed when it first came out. It seems like such a shift in emphasis from the existing feel of the Albion, X3 games. A bit of a shock.

I should take another look. I remember it was all ‘single ship’ based with an annoying co-pilot who kept saying the same phrase enough that I tried to remove the sound/wav resource from the game files.

They’ll have a hard time with Elite Dangerous VR though. The X Series was the real ‘feels such a big universe to trade/fight in’ classic, but I think ED has come and eaten their lunch pretty badly.


As an old X fan I was SO heartbroken.
I still have it installed and I hear it is actually pretty good now, but it was the first and only time yet I really regretted pre-ordering a game. Haven’t played it much. Maybe I’ll try it over the holidays…

Also an old x fan. But luckily for me my spidey sense was tingling big time on this one. Only if the game had naked woman and a price tag of zero would i even consider looking at this game after what they did.

No no no.

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Well, it’s out. Looks ‘ok’ so far.