X-Rotors AW139 opinions?

I think we have a few X-Rotors AW139 users among us - @smokinhole and @PaulRix maybe? At this point in its development - how do you feel about it? Specifically in VR? I keep eyeing it, but was curious on how you guys feel about it.

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I’m extremely interested in this as well.

I think it might of been @NEVO who mentioned it might be worth waiting with this one for a while

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I really cant help much here :slight_smile: I don’t own it yet and don’t have VR either.

Just few days ago, after I mentioned that it will be cool to have modern helo in DCS, I revisited x-rotors page to check on the state of 139 and to check if there are any details about planned 109 ( this smaller one has my interest ).

That 139 seems to be coming nicely … no mention of 109. Decisions … decisions …


I’d be careful. I have it. And it’s good but sort of useless to me as I prefer VR controls and the collective works backwards. In some 3rd party stuff this can be fixed by the user but not here for some reason. Anyway, my preferences are odd and shouldn’t deter normal stick and throttle users. Overall, the modeling seems good and the artwork is a solid 8/10. Development was a steady release candidate every month until July. Then nothing since. That’s why I say “be careful”. The sudden and unexplained pause has me wondering what the future holds.

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Thanks! That is great information and I will take a wait and see attitude… :+1:

I tend to agree, it seems it is worth to wait for that RC8

AW139 4.00 RC8 FINAL
Uploaded on [soon]

here we go again

AW139 4.01 (Current)

Is that a new update? According to the date, my daughter was still in elementary school.

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lol, seems like date wasnt updated

here from june 7

looking few posts above the last update promised was v4.00 RC8. now, after quite long time, they released v4.01 instead.

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Well, good (I guess?). I gave up on it years ago. He’s developing a 109 so perhaps he feels that credibility requires that he first finish what he started.

yeah, me too. somehow cant understand why the developers are unable to post at least something little from time to time.

anyway, thinking about adding their 109 to my virtual hangar. seems like they made some important fixes after that poor initial release.

and how about one more aw109 !? :slight_smile:

So I’ve told this story before. Last year I was on the X-Trident dot org forum praising the new Chinook. I saw the post of the planed 109 and simply said something the the effect of “isn’t X-Rotors also making a 109?” Boom! I was threatened with a permanent ban from X-Plane.org! I swear! That’s all I said! So the history is very bitter. I know it has some foundation in claimed stolen design work during an early version of the 139. X-Rotors even acknowledged that his old partner might have not been a totally honest designer. Well, whatever. I love dot org. But if you want to be persona non grata in a NY minute, just mention X-Rotors! If I buy a 109, it will be X-Trident’s version.

good info, didnt know that.

btw after X-T Chinook was kind of speculating myself if their next helo will be something big again, to keep with the trend, or they will surprise us with something smaller.

I was kind of expecting something bigger than 109, lol

but yes, if I have to decide I will wait for X-T version

I am running AW139 on Xplane 12. Encountered a issue with MCDU. the scratch pad has an error msgs. “Key not Active” I cannot enter anything from clicking my mouse over the numerals. Anyone had same issue

I never got that helicopter off the ground—for reasons mentioned here and elsewhere on Mudspike. So I for one, even though I own it, can’t help. The dev is extremely slow to respond but, eventually, he likely will.