X-Trident AMX International for X-Plane

Originally published at: http://www.mudspike.com/x-trident-amx-international-for-x-plane/
The AMX International AMX packs a nice punch into a tight package. The guys at X-Trident did a fantastic job of bringing the AMX into X-Plane for our enjoyment. In keeping with our site philosophy of quality over quantity, and our desire to pursue our interests over timeliness, I present to you the X-Trident AMX.…


That’s an interesting type - not something I’m familiar with.

Looks like a slightly beefier Hawk gen 4 type aircraft?

The model and systems look really nice - thanks for the review!

The video gives a really good idea of the aircraft as well, and that in-flight refuelling looks fun (although not easy!).

Nice review!

BTW: What software are you using for the video editing? I need to invest in something.

Well, I’m using the NVidia ShadowPlay to capture the video - and I like it…seems to work better than FRAPS for me and I like the smaller file size with MP4. I then import all that into an older version of Adobe Premiere Pro to do the editing. Truth be known though, I’ve also used Windows Movie Maker with good results too. Premiere allows a bit more tailoring of the titles and transitions though…but takes a bit of time to get a handle on. Plus it’s really expensive…but you can usually pick up versions that are a couple iterations old on eBay.


Cool. Good to know. I have abandoned FRAPs for the moment as I can not get my audio levels (my mic) to match what I am hearing from the game or Teamspeak. I downloaded the MSI Afterburner software and it has similar functionality … and allows the recording of 2 audio sources (in my case I have them set mic and speakers). Does NVidia ShadowPlay record your mic as well?

Hmm…I dunno - I’ll have to give it a whirl…!

Looking at the settings, it certainly appears to :smile:
I tried it out tonight and the audio quality was pretty good … about on par with the MSI Afterburner.

However, when recording with ShadowPlay, my FPS drop was about 2 whereas with MSI Afterburner it was closer to 8 or 10. Definitely something to take into account.

EDIT: I had to enable ‘desktop’ recording in order to get it to work. I usually do not play full screen as that, sometimes, wipes out my second monitor where I keep TeamSpeak or whatever running.