X-Trident Bell 412 and Tornado for XP11 - thoughts?

So, with the sale being on at X-Plane.Org, I was looking at these two. I know that @BeachAV8R gave both of these a positive review for XP10, but how are they holding up these days?

With the Hornet coming I am not really sure I ‘need’ the Tornado… but, it’s a Tornado, and being ex-RAF, that means something to me. Of course, XP11 is not a combat sim, which makes the Tornado a bit redundant.

The Bell 412 looks great, but I already have the Huey in DCS, so what do you guys think?

I’d have to dig into the forums over there at the .ORG to find out the status of both products. The 412 is really, really nice…but I’m not sure of where it is with regards to either XP11 or VR. Same with the Tornado…I only dabbled with it in the beginning and haven’t had a chance to revisit it. Sorry I’m not much help on those two…

Dang…just peeking in their forums…check out this grey panel mod someone made for it… Gorgeous!

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No worries Chris. At $25 I might take the plunge with the 412. I don’t have a decent helicopter for X-Plane, and it would be a great way to explore some of the new scenery I have picked up recently. You can only see so much when you are flying a fixed wing aircraft.

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It had some really nice options you will need to explore via the menu system. Things like doors open/closed, crew members, and there may even have been some sort of sling load options. It was a very full featured product. I’ll be very curious if they’ve made it VR compliant…and as well, it would be really cool to have it with the GTN750 added…

It’s downloading now… LOL, I REALLY need to get back to work. My extended down time has proved to be very expensive!


One thing this thread has reminded me of - is that I really, really appreciate developers that include auto-updaters and auto-news boxes when you launch their products.

In browsing the sale, I was trying to remember if I bought the MD80 Pro. I did buy the MD80 a couple years back, and apparently I either upgraded or it was included free of charge. In looking at my directory, I see I have version 1.31 installed…but 1.41 is now listed on the store download page, so I’m updating that.

I really like the way JAR uses a little news box to inform you of product updates, and Shade Tree Micro Aviation uses an autoupdater that downloads and updates the product as patches are issued.

Definitely a first world complaint…but I’d really love to see all developers move toward automatically informing customers of updates (I love that DCS does that!).

And hey Paul…as if you need any more toys in your closet…if you haven’t gotten the Boeing 757 v2, just yesterday they posted an update:

“This is “beta2” of our vr test. Model version is 2.2.2. Reminder, to get it use the checkbox “beta” in the updater. The model from the store will be the latest stable which 2.1.13”

Although the forums are wishy washy on whether their VR control scheme is worthwhile…

Yeah…so this is what the developer had to say about it (the 757 VR implementation) on release. I haven’t dabbled with it yet…but planning to this weekend.

“Main feature of v2.2 is VR comparability. We have not simply made the plane VR comparable but programmed a system of VR cockpit manipulation what, in our view, is very intuitive and make VR simply awesome to use. Please remember to read the VR usage manual!”

It sounds like a great module. Having just totaled up my X-Plane.org spending since I broke my arm, I think I had better stop buying for awhile (seriously this time). LOL.

Having said that, I am really pleased with my XP11 setup.

The Bell 412 looks great! The only thing missing, that the DCS Huey does so well, is the shake of the panel. VR works well enough with the mouse. Here’s a couple of shots flying around Bella Coola…



Wow! I’m going to have to get that panel!

I’ve flown the 412 a bunch in VR. No issues at all. Have fun Paul!


Time to practice some auto-rotations!

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I couldn’t hold off on a couple items. I’m buying the Saab 340A from X-Aviation and the Jetstream 32 from the .ORG. The Jetstream is $8 cheaper if you buy it at X-Aviation, but I’ve been reading some issues with how quickly updates get pushed to their installers because they use custom installers…so I’d rather pay a little extra and have the quicker response time offered by the .ORG. The Saab is only available through X-Aviation, so I’ll buy that through them. All of that said, I’ve had good support from X-Aviation on things like the Mu-2 and Cessna 152…

I’m also going ahead an pulling the trigger on the Grand Arctic Scenery. It looks pretty interesting and I love exploring places like that…


You two are just feeding off eachother’s addiction :wink:

@PaulRix that’s some pretty looking helo!


It is hard not to go just a little bit crazy when there is a good sale on…

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True that. One must have a healthy @BeachAV8R filter for sure. He’s a mad man! And I’m not buying the whole sim journalist excuse. I think that only helps him with monthly account reconciliation with the Mrs…


I’m in a lucky marriage - my wife doesn’t question my nerdy pursuits. But she is happy that the magazine writing pays a bill or two. If I were smart, I’d write it off on my taxes as “professional currency training” or something. :thinking:


Anyone have any opinions on XPRealistic Pro? I’m wondering how it would feel in VR too…

I use it on GA aircraft, where it works really well. Some of the effects are a bit overdone, but overall I’d give it a thumbs up, especially the shakes during engine start-up, shutdown, and landing. Once you’ve had the shake when you shut down a Lycoming, it’s hard to go without it.

I’ve not been able to get TrackIR, X-Camera, and XPR all working together smoothly, but to be truthful, I haven’t spent much time troubleshooting. It works fine with TrackIR. Make sure if you are not using TrackIR to uncheck that item in the plug-in pop-up window.

In case you didn’t catch this.

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