X56 HOTAS Bindings

Trying to make my HOTAS bindings. I am specifically relating to the rotary switches which although have success in some ,others not too good. The usual help vids from the likes of Grim Reapers not too helpful, they mention some but not all switches and I am a bit confused with how what modifiers are, how they are used and programmed. eg Trying to use throttle unit ,top rotary for Zoom in/out which works ok but the rotary on the bottom i would like for HUD brightness ( wish they had black for heading into clouds ) I cant fathom how to bind. All help appreciated, ( currently on the SU25T ).

I’ll answer this in 2 parts:

Modifiers in DCS controls

A modifier is a button that you can keep pressed to change what other buttons do, just like Shift and Ctrl on the keyboard.

To use this with a hotas button, you first need to add it as a modifier, then you can use it in binding controls by pressing both together.

I am away from the pc so this is from memory but I hope it is correct enough to help you.
To bind a button as a modifier, in the DCS controls menu, click the button in the bottom left of the screen labaled “modifiers”. Then click add in the modifiers column, select your device and click the button you want to bind as a modifier. You can also give it a friendly name, such as “left pinky” or “orange button”, or just leave it as “BTN8”.

On rotaries: axes and encoders

There are 2 types of rotaries: axes and encoders.

  • An axis is a slider like the throttle or stick axes and has a minimum and maximum: it cannot turn endlessly. It reports to the pc at which position it is between the end points. These can be bound in the controls category “Axis commands” in DCS.

  • A rotary encoder has no end, it makes a clicking sound when turned and can turn endlessly in either direction. It reports a button press to the pc when turned, and has no position. To DCS, it is just 2 regular buttons: one for the left direction, and one for the right direction.

Note: it is possible that for some modules, some cockpit sliders are not available in axis commands. In this case you cannot bind your axis to that control. There are usually button binds available for almost everything so rotary encoders are a bit more flexible, though less precise.

Let me know if you found what you were looking for or if you have more questions.

PS: it would be really nice if you could structure and format your posts a bit. That makes it a lot easier to read and answer.

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Thanks for the reply, will try and digest this and see if I can stuff up my bindings anymore. Once completed can I save this to a profile or would these bindings apply to all aircraft.
Will try and make better posts in future. i am usually half asleep when I make them.

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DCS control bindings and modifiers are set up per aircraft. IIRC there is an external tool you can use to “sync” control profiles between aircraft but I forgot the name.

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I found the mode switch only worked with the Seiko software. All the rest work straight onto dcs

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I have been trying to save bindings etc in a profile for each aircraft, cant see how each aircraft would be the same, basics yes. I read your instructions but have gone amiss somewhere.Like you said maybe different aircraft are unmappable in certain areas. Dont know it the logitech software has anything to with it but might have a look.

We can’t help you based on this information. Can you upload screenshots that highlight clearly what is not going according to your expectations? Please indicate exactly what you are trying to do as well. Such as mapping an axis, a rotary encoder or adding a modifier.

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Ok I am trying to use Button 3 as indicated on the X56 Throttle, to enable colour change on the HUD of the SU25T. I don’t know how to use modifiers. The rotary in question has a beginning and end and also a mid position. HUD colour does not show up in axis commands but does in All Other, so may not be able to be mapped. When looking at the modifiers I need to know 1. Which modifier do I pick 2) How do I apply it. Whatever I have tried does come up under Category but dosn’t work in the game.


Sounds like your rotary is the RZ axis and hud color is not available as an axis.
To double-check, if you press add on any non-axis control bind, and move the rotary, does anything happen?

For the modifier, go to the grey “Modifiers” button in bottom left of your screenshots and add it there. That is the one I meant in my explanation. You will need to choose your device from a dropdown then you can press the button you want as a modifier

Once it is added there, it should show up as a possible modifier in individual key bind menu

Ok tried that, added modifier ok, but in final drop down it didnt show so suppose its not available. Oh well worth a try. At least I have found out how to use modifiers. Thanks for your help.

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You’re welcome! Thanks for helping me help you with the detailed post and screenshots. Did you press a button or turn an axis? Axes cannot be used as modifiers, only buttons can.

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