XBOX Series X All Access

Please excuse my crowd sourcing. I am thinking of getting xbox series x. The $34/mo for 24 months deal with no money up front seems like a good deal, given that it includes Game Pass Ultimate. Most of us would never consider a console, and that’s cool. But for the rest, any thoughts?


I think it’s a good deal. Game Pass Ultimate is great if you have a gaming PC (because it includes all those titles as well), good for your new X machine library and then potentially nice for the cloud gaming aspect as well (MSFS on your phone).

You’ve done the numbers, but for others that’ll be $34 * 24 = $816 vs $499 for the console and then $15 * 23 (1 month for 1$) = $845.

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I am tempted to get this. At $34 a month, it only takes a few AAA purchases (that you might get for free w/ the Ultimate pass) to justify it. I am interested in the PC portion set of games as well, and the ability to, I think, play PC games remotely on the Xbox Series X. I am waiting for the next AAA game I am interested in before deciding.

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Well worth it… I have the ultimate and it’s amazing how many games are included and how they add all the time. It’s saved me money on pre-orders already… use to pre-order all the time but had to cancel the last 3 pre-orders because those games came out on day 1… so don’t pre-order anymore I wait and see.

Love the new Xbox Series X… fast and powerful… my one complaint only 1 TB HD that filled up with 20 games… and those are regular every day games… something like CoD and BF4 will take up half the drive… so great if you only play a handful of games, but I like to be ready for when I get a urge for Wreakfest or something. jmo

I’m just wondering how much space upcoming games will take like FS 2020, F1, BF 2143, FM5… all huge installs because made for Series X/S.


The “AAA” description is new to me. Looked it up and if I have it right it means “big budget with big development costs released by a big studio”. Correct me if I am wrong.

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That is accurate. Cyberpunk, Fallout, upcoming Starfield in 2022. All of those and may others.

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Not so fun facts - the term was really used by publishers in the 90’s to describe the level of safety around their return of investment, hence borrowing the financial bonds rating category of ‘AAA’ . Over time it sort of turned into a ‘look how much we spent’ thing later on.

Today there are actually AAAA and AAA+ game categories, that signify that they will make more money post release cycle than just at launch - so things with online subscriptions or expansions that are pretty much guaranteed increased returns. There are also I ratings (e.g. III) to indicate the size of independent titles.

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