Xbox Series X M$ Flight Simulator

Released today, actually quite surprised how good it looks on a 65 inch 4K HDTV… still my 1080p 32 inch PC monitor looks better and flight control is much better then the gamepad, but I like how they did it… the gamepad can do the basic flying but click a button and you got a cursor, can control anything in the cockpit or on the menus… works better then I thought.

Basic game screens… no updates installed yet, including the world updates, all add-ons which I’ll do tonight, since it’s about 36 more gigs then the default install. lol (nearly half the default hard drive, lol.)


Did a casual 1st look on Xbox broadcast, showing what’s in it, what works and what doesn’t… if interested, or not. :wink:

1st look at MSFS 2020 on Xbox Series X. - Twitch

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Lets see if this link works, the only social media I have is twitter for game news and gun news, lol…

What would cause this on every landing you experts? I’m not touching the controls after landing???

Chuck Ankenbauer on Twitter: “So, just curious @MSFSofficial What causes this on every landing with a gamepad on my Xbox? I’m not touching the controls. Doesn’t happen on my PC version with flight stick, smooth there.” / Twitter

I have no idea?
Is there some kind of autorudder assistance enabled?

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