XCOM 2 Like Game?

Is there a game like XCOM 2 were you can recruit and keep track of soldiers but its more of a sandbox game?

Jagged Alliance 3 - soon™️

The Straciatella mod for JA2 is nice, too. If you like the old pixel style.


Not heard of this!


Not sure how sandbox-y it is, but this seemed to be shaping up pretty well last time I checked it out

It’s been a while since I played, I think I must have got access through kickstarter? Was fun but they keep tweeking it so figured better to wait till it comes out “officially”.

Not a sandbox game, but essentially XCOM set in the Warhammer universe:


I keep hovering on this. Gonna wait for a sale because although i really like the universe, the lore and the whole madness of 40k. I’ve yet to play a single game that hasnt started off really good, then ramped up the difficulty to levels that my mere meat brain can’t cope with and i end up quitting.

Ive yet to try Gladius for this same reason and i got that for free


There’s just so much emergent gameplay in Jagged Alliance 2! :smiley:


Ive never got far in the game. But my god have i had a lot of attempts and enjoyed every single one.

Ive also found new things every single time ive played. But ive never got far at all


This is the best mod for me, makes close encounters much more deadly-
I always found frustrating that in the vanilla game when I managed to get real close with a shotgun to an enemy, the damage was ridiculous.

That mod makes guns exactly as you imagine they would work, plus adding literally hundreds of them and dozens of different types of ammunitions.


That was a particularly irritating point for me as well, i quite like setting things up for a close and quick engagement and then your character pull a 9mm and does one damage to the head of the enemy and he spins round and hits you for 15


I fixed the link- I put the wrong one in my latest post above…

Trust me, the best thing about 1.13 is that is completely tailor-able to your needs.
It works wonders. :heart_eyes:

Some of the features:

  • New ammo

  • There are many new types of ammunition, but not all are available to all weapons:

  • – AET (Advanced Energy Transfer) - Purple - Basically HP & AP rolled into one, but watch your weapon’s status as AET ammo makes your gun less reliable over time

  • – Glaser - Green - Like Hollow Point, but twice as effective against soft tissue. Unfortunately, it’s also twice as useless against armour.

  • – Tracer - Yellow - Bright yellow bullets help your mercs score hits with burst and autofire. They also light up the night pretty well.

  • – Match - White - High quality ammo that boosts a weapon’s effective range.

  • – Lock-Buster - White - Blow off locks with this handy shotgun ammo. Just don’t expect to effectively shoot much else with it.

  • – Depleted-Uranium - Light Green - Very rare and very powerful, this ammo will do massive amounts of damage and eat away at opponents armour to boot

  • – Cold-Loaded - White Star - Standard bullets with some gunpowder removed to reduce muzzle noise. Effectively paired with silencers for very quiet incursions. Unfortunately, less powder means less damage. Cold-loaded ammo is usually available in standard ball, FMJ/AP, HP and Glaser.

    • New grenades, heavy explosives and launchers
  • There are multiple new grenade launchers, one or two of which include the ability to fire grenades in bursts.

  • There’s also the new RPG family, a set of reloadable rocket launchers with various types of rockets available.

  • Last, but not least, is the new “burnable gas” explosion which releases a spreading fire explosion.


Pretty much sums this one up as well. There is no shame playing this on ‘easy’

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maybe worth to wait for JA3

but in the meantime, did anyone play the sequels like Rage and Back In Action? are they that bad or just ‘not like JA2 and thats why bad’ ?


They are so bad that they are really really bad. In every possible conceivable form except they are not ‘broken’ or buggy, just… bad

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thx, then lets wait

Absolutely bloody awful

JA 3 Just went up for ore sale in steam. $35.99 till july 14th.


I hope for the best but will not bet on it.

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Does anyone still play Jagged Alliance 2? I started it after a long time and I notice that the frame rate drops real low. And I mean -dramatically- low.
I feel it’s a windows10-something-something-wrapper-some-software-or-another-driver stuff

Looking for a workaround…

Possible workaround : The Bears Pit: v1.13 General Gameplay Talk » Running JA2 1.13 on Windows 10

Remember, always backup any file you have to overwrite, nobody is responsible for your PC except you.

PS: As always there’s very good “Beginner’s documentation” documentation | Documentation for the Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 project