XP10 in 2022 (old laptop)

Hi team,

As some of you may know, my sim PC is packed away for 1-2 months yet, but I’m keen to get a little bit warmed up for the Christmas trek, as it’s been a few months since I’ve had the opportunity to fly.

I had bought XP10 on Steam years ago, although I basically never flew it. I thought I’d turn the graphics right down and use it for some VOR navigation practice and stuff while camping at the in-laws.

Are there big differences to what the default XP11 offers and XP10 doesn’t? VOR beacons etc. are there, I assume?

Does anyone have recommendations for a nice freeware / cheap early airliner for XP10?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Big differences between xp10 and xp11 are:
Menus, some refinements on flight model physics, and visuals. Anyway xp10 with some pimp is still a very nice and capable flight simulator.

About navaids, ofc you have vor/ndb/ils etc all there, and you can still update them with navigraph subscription also.

Recommended addons for it:


Thank you, that’s excellent!

I might get an Xbox controller to see if that can be connected for rudimentary control…my HOTAS is all packed away.

sounds as a plan :+1: always wanted to try XP10, so many helos were released for it :slight_smile:

post some pictures … once they are up and running again here

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Alright, got an Xbox controller. Tried XP10 a bit, went around the pattern with a C172 and a Baron. It’s okay - landed fine, if a bit bouncy. The finesse isn’t there but at least you can have pitch, roll, rudder and trim at your fingertips without touching the keyboard. I used the other thumb stick for turning my head around the cockpit. It’s no TrackIR but it works.

Frames aren’t great, 15-20 FPS with very minimal graphics, but it doesn’t stutter as such so, considering the small screen, it could be worse. Perhaps the only way it could be worse is if it didn’t start at all - but it could be worse.

Still, it is not stuttery, so if I can set up some decent 2D views, I can get some radio navigation practice done to brush up my IFR a bit while waiting for the main rig to be available again.


I tried out the Il-96-400, heh. Unfortunately it seems that any cockpit more complex than a C172 takes the frames down to 10…the lack of a dedicated gfx card really hits…but the sim rate itself is a steady 20 fps and doesn’t stutter, so weirdly, it is kind of okay inside the cockpit. I think I’ll be able to run some IFR practice.

My first landing was a bit on the poor side. :laughing:


Some lipstick and a bandaid and she will be good to go. :upside_down_face: