XP11/12 - Using the Mouse in VR to move pop-up windows

Hey there X-PLane 11 and 12 users … who also use VR and a traditional mouse (instead of the VR controllers).

Does anyone know how to interact with the pop up windows in VR? If you bring up the map, or ATC comms menu, the pop right in front of my face and I would like to position them somewhere else on the screen. I can move them with the mouse but I think that they stick to the users head? I remember being able to position them off to the side (say, that empty co-pilot seat) and glance at them when I need to.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I did find this on the X-Plane.org forums:

If you only use the push to talk to bring the window up, it will be attached to your headset (in front of your eyes), but if you select the ATC window using the VR controllers. The ATC window will be attach (as usual) to your controller, you can then move the window with your controller where you want and you even resize it. It will stay there the entire time unless you move it or close it.

Maybe I have to use the VR controllers to put them in their place when I start a flight.

@Fridge I hope you figure that out. Once you do, try turning the mouse off (there’s a key-combo to toggle it). In XP11, I saw a noticeable performance improvement with the mouse off. Back to your problem, it would seem logical to have the wheel control fore/aft when an object is grabbed.

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Yeah. I have a HOTAS button set to toggle the mouse on and off. :slight_smile: