XP11/XP12 Compatibility List

My experience is that their support and/or reaction time to thing is slow. I love both of their Cessna 172 products but I have a feeling that an update may be a long way off. Maybe I am just setting my expectations; a surprise would be awesome.


Apologies for the delays updating the list, Austin forgot to consult me prior to release and it’s been a pretty busy week.

I promise I’ll catch up on all the news!


Add the 767 to that list as well

XP11 aircraft that I’ve tried in XP12. Not exhaustive testing, just takeoff, fly around a bit and do some pattern work. There may be fundamental flaws that I’ve missed.

Global: I’ve noticed that with all of these aircraft that exterior lights are difficult to impossible to see in daylight, but work normally when the sun goes down.

AirFoilLabs King Air 350: works very well except pulling prop RPM below 1700 causes other gauges to act erratically. Does not appear to affect performance. Keep.

Avia71 PA61 Aerostar: sound incompatibility reported at initial sim load, but works well and no other problems found. Keep.

Carenado PC12 HD: errors reported at sim load, then crashes sim. Reject.

Carenado Do228: errors reported at sim load, functions, but control response is extremely sluggish. Reject.


There is a fairly simple checklist on the developer site for converting XP11 planes to XP12. Well, it is probably harder than it looks because I’m no developer. But there are changes to turbine idle speeds, deicing, hydraulics, FMOD and other systems that need to be updated for complex models. The simple stuff are probably good to go right out of the box.

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Good to know. Am I imagining that there has been a dearth of comments from a/c developers with regards to updates for XP12? Maybe that’s part of the XP ethos or maybe a result of the pummeling and loss of customers post MSFS release. My pilot friends, who use it for recurrent training, probably wouldn’t know the difference between XP9 and XP12 LOL. Can’t blame them. Nothing ever happens as quickly as we’d like in this hobby.

Miscellaneous ramblings

I promised myself many times that I would never go back to XP. What a classic bunch of pocket protector nerds who don’t understand why we fly. For sure, the bush flying experience is superb in MSFS, as I imagine is that of the airliner. But IMHO. there are two major issues with MSFS, rotor and turboprop modeling. I haven’t tried helicopters with the latest sim update, but what I tried before was frankly more ARMA than flight simulation. And a recent flight around Sanoma in the MSFS KA350 left me equally unimpressed with turboprop modeling.

Anyway, the turboprop issue had me reminiscing over X-Plane, who granted, has had its turboprop teething issues as well. But Austin went to work on that and it seems pretty well fleshed out, judging by a recent flight in the default C90. I picked up the demo and am liking it far more than I expected.
The scenery in XP12 is more DCS than MSFS, but as smokinhole demonstrates in his video, works pretty darn well in some case. In fact in a lot of cases.

And as far as turboprops and rotorcraft, XP12 has the edge on MSFS, IMO. Therefore, the sims scratch different aviation itches. I bought XP12 last night and am getting reacquainted with weather and ATC. Maybe I’m more of a nerd than I like to think. Anyway, glad to have both.


I’ve already given up on all of my Carenado products- I was having issues with 2/3 with the latest version of XP11, and their forum on the XP page is pretty much deserted.


That’s a shame, because IMHO, most of the dev work is done. I guess that they must have bigger fish to fry with MSFS.

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DWSim F-16C/D ready for XP12

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ASDG Super Cub (with acf mod): no error messages or issues found. Keep.

Note: this is one of my favorite sim aircraft to fly, but has become abandonware, and no longer available for purchase. What began with so much promise, crashed and burned not long after an XP11 update broke the flight model. The developer promised a fix, which was disingenuous, because the update never arrived, even though the product was still being sold at the Org Store long after. Even more confusing was the fact that SimCoders released an Expansion Pack for the aircraft, also no longer available.

Fortunately, someone in the X-Plane community fixed the flight model with edits of the acf files. If you own the aircraft, but don’t have the modified files, shoot me a PM.

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Word is the Digital Replica C310L works.

Alright, I gave the list an initial update. I did leave out a few that were mentioned above but lack full, officially supported, compatibility.

Basically if it requires an unofficial workaround to get it flyable, I likely didn’t include it. I was even hesitant to include the FF 757 as their dev said they’re flyable but somewhat implied a limited compatibility. I’ll continue to refine as updates are pushed out.

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XTrident CH-47D ready with a patch :wink:

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That sounds like a good plan. Do you mind if I keep mentioning XP11 aircraft without official compatibility, but seem to work well? Not a problem if you would like me to cease.

Toliss A319/21 with a paid addon that also adds new features!!!

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Not at all!

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Cowansim 206 L3/B3 xp12 ready…

Bo105 patch for xp12 available!!!

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Mission Generator
Cowansim 500E

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FF A350 using beta x-updater