Definitely an improvement then. XP11 was driving me nuts with that.

Also with mispronouncing that one word every time… I just don’t remember what it was… I think it was either spelling out a word that it was supposed to just speak, or vice versa. Haven’t played XP since MSFS was released.

Edit: Ah, I think the mispronounced word was the letter ‘Lima’ (Lie-Ma instead of Lee-Ma). And it kept spelling German place names instead of just pronouncing them. ‘Baden tower’ became ‘Bravo Alpha Delta Echo November tower’.

It’s better but still a wip for sure. I was flying into Barcelona a few nights back and the sim did a nice job vectoring me to join the ILS. But it then ruined all that work by trying to climb me 2000 feet on the base leg. No idea why. Terrain wasn’t an issue. I looked up the minimum vectoring altitude (MVA) and it was lower than the original altitude. So that was a head scratcher. But generally it does plausible things. Way better than before, no doubt. But still hardly ready for prime-time.

Interestingly, the controllers have accents that roughly match the country—at least in Europe. Haven’t tried Asia yet.


I quite liked S76 even back in XP11. my only gripe is main rotor animation.
they just ported some of the default ac without even touching them visually. what is little shame imo.

what they updated are 2D trees. they look good enough and save some fps.

tested a bit the ATC. the taxiways I got for air taxi were some sightseeing ride around the airport. seems like ATC dont make differences between airplanes and helos.

so much potential in this XP12 release. I just hope it wont be wasted.


Well, time to see if I can get all my ORBX and giant scenery files to play nice with both versions - pray for me.



But not necessary. There are no differences that should be at play with custom scenery. Just make sure that the Global Scenery entry (or is it “…Airports”?) is stacked above above all the ortho and mesh in the Custom Scenery config file.

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Beta 5 Available

Bug Fixes

Beta 5

  • XPD-11803 XPLMGetFMSEntryInfo is always returning an outref of XPLM_NAV_NOT_FOUND.
  • XPD-11845 Fire test on 737-800 should stop when test switch is released back to neutral.
  • XPD-12182 When determining the min height required for the description widget, make sure to use the correct font.
  • XPD-12328 Phraseology issues for circuit instructions.
  • XPD-12438 AFIS should never issue any heading.
  • XPD-12582 Runway floats above airport and airplane goes through it.
  • XPD-12889 Background image in Planemaker stuck in zoom relative to geometry.
  • XPD-12894 CTD with Citation X dial.
  • XPD-12919 Crash after failing to file a flightplan due to invalid navaid.
  • XPD-12925 Pushback truck confirmation missing when not called from ATC dialog.
  • XPD-12976 Dynamic objects small update.
  • XPD-12981 As per reality, a330 needs to be able to turn OFF the wxr radar to turn ON the terrain-warning-map!
  • XPD-12992 C172SP analogue panel needs manipulator updated for the CDI2 instrument.
  • XPD-13008 SF50 has no internal rain sounds.
  • XPD-13014 Floating markings at KASE.
  • XPD-13016 PA18: Hide XPad holder when not in VR.
  • XPD-13017 R22: Hide XPad holder when not in VR.
  • XPD-13018 Hide xpad holder on F4.
  • XPD-13019 Bug in FMOD sound script of Citation X does not allow playing of altitude alert.
  • XPD-13049 Tailhook degrees dataref inop if no carrier.
  • XPD-13050 Plane maker ASDW keys stopped working to adjust model orientation.
  • XPD-13052 Crash Loading Aircraft Due to ASync Sound.
  • XPD-13053 Real weather download is loading word not allowed data into X-Plane.
  • XPD-13068 No environment sound datarefs being passed as params to environmental bank.