Yawman Arrow – Compact Controller for Flight Simulation

no more xbox and ps controllers for flight sims :slight_smile:


Man, that’ll be great for my work trips. I can install something and use this.
Thanks. I’ll be looking in the Spring.

I get the “more buttons” bit. But I don’t see how it benefits sims any more than a current high-quality gamepad.

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I think it’s more the exact type of extras on a controller. I don’t know of a current controller that has a rotary and sliders. Definitely interested in this one for a variety of things, Farming Simulator for one!

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It’s cool. I just thought I might have missed something about how it handled yaw.

that was the first thing I was looking for also, initially missed it but this is the thing (vid starts at the yaw showcase)


If they have a way to unlink the rudders for helo flying, I’d be a happy camper.

Ahh. I see. Yeah, for fixed wing it’s a step up from a gamepad. For helicopters though, I really prefer the stick on the right and throttle/collective on the left and I am not sure how well the pyramid-looking device would serve as a precise stick. For someone in the market for something like this, I recommend you at least investigate the MS Elite Series 2. The sticks are as precise as a joystick and have 3 levels of resistance that are easily adjusted. There’s a profile button between the sticks that allows 4 different profiles to be instantly loaded. This is how I have the sticks reversed for MSFS but normal for other games. The elite doesn’t have more buttons but it does have two optional bumpers that can repeat any other function and can be used as a shift, essentially doubling the available inputs. Still, there’s not nearly enough there for very complex stuff so for big-iron fixed-wing, this new gamepad is big. And (again for fixed-wing) that trim wheel is very nice.

yep, weird decision to omit second thumbstick because people got used to it atp, I would say, with xbox and ps5 on the market for some time now.

but the sliders! they can come handy. I think one can just get used to use slider as collective.

that would be nice, or some kind of clutch.