Yeah..I have a dumb question time on VR sets

If you have a VR headset and use it for flight sims…when not flying,
Can you surf /and or watch a 2D movie on the VR headset that is connected to the intenet/computer?
Or do you have to download the 2D movies to the VR set?

Yes, usually they come with some sort of “lobby” that’s capable of doing such things.

Windows Mixed Reality has a nice house on a cliff with a movie theatre room. And you can slap a virtual 2D screen to just about anywhere. Size to your liking.

Edit: here’s a demo:


Or you can use virtual desktop which puts your monitor screen in your headset and you can then do everything you normally would in Windows, in your headset.

PS - all 3 of my headsets also have “Desktop” mode, which do pretty much the same thing, but without the extra controls that VD has.

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