You can be my Santa, any time...

Dear Mudspikers,

You are a selected group of individuals with whom I share common interests.

By ‘selected’ I mean that we all choose to be here and interact with each other, but also that Mudspike is careful about who is allowed to post on these boards, as the founders once grew weary of the drama and constant bickering so common on most online fora.

To me, Mudspike is a haven where I can discuss my favourite hobbies with likeminded people, who can take a joke without being offended, tolerate criticism without digging a foxhole and be good to one another, in general.

Earlier this year I was selected to join the staff of this establishment, to watch over the boards and write an article, every now and then.
With such a well behaved group of individuals, moderating isn’t exactly a chore, but it is important if we want to remain a drama-free zone, where we all leave our axes behind at login.

2017 has been a year with the customary highs and lows, as any year.
Being selected to join the staff and starting on my Commander qualification course at work has definitely been a couple of the highlights.

2018 shows great promise to anyone interested in flightsims. The great DCS unification, that has been promised, native VR support for X-Plane and the expanding universe of IL-2 are some of the things I’m looking forward to.

So, without further ado, I give you the Troll productions Christmas Card…
Make sure you crank up the sound.
Warning! Contents may be considered nerdy.
(But probably not to you lot! :santa: )


God Jul!


Amen and merry Christmas to you all :smiley:


Hilarious christmas decoration! :smiley: