Youtube DCS instruction by pickinthatbanjo

My fellow pilots,
There are instructors and then there are instructors. While in the Army I found out a well rehearsed and knowledgeable instructor can make a huge difference between learning and just being bored. Youtube, as you all know is a great way to get assistance. However sometimes just finding the right video can be yet another challenge. How many times have we been listening while in our heads saying “Just get to the point!” Getting proper instruction has been key to my learning and as of late, I have been going through aircraft like a termite goes through wood.
Well, meet pickinthatbanjo or Banjo as he is simply known. Great videos, well spoken, informative and to the point. I’m in the habit of listening to some of these repeatedly until I know them by heart. I can leave the MiG-21 for a week and jump back in without missing a beat. Banjo has great manners (so your 12 year old can watch) and he is extremely well informed. Its easy listening. He covers a wide spectrum of subjects and aircrafts. I find his partitioned approach very easy. His videos are short and specific. For example, Start Up, Taxi and Takeoff are 3 separate videos. I find this easier to digest. In less than a week I was fluid with the MiG-21. I did everything from air to air, to ground pounding rocket attacks. Banjo has an Air Combat Maneuver series also. I truly enjoyed it.
There is no replacement for the manual. However, I feel these videos are a very good way to get up and running. So next time you have some time to spare, head on over to youtube and look up his channel.
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Link to videos? :slight_smile:

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I’ve subscribed to him for years. He really is the one of the best. I use him for my Arma 3 understanding of mission editor as well. He is a superb gentleman and outstanding tutor.

Pickinthatbanjo YouTube Page


He taught me how to drop bombs in the hokum years ago.

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I totally screwed this up. The title should read pickinthatbanjo. How do I edit posts?

Anyway here are some linky links. You can watch them in HD and don’t forget to show some love. (Crush that Like button)
Banjo’s Chanell

make sure to go to Playlists and click on show more.

This one will become a cult classic. ACM

For the wannabe Mustang Aces…

And the Soviet MiG-21 JetJocks


I’m recommending this guy to the neophytes in my usual group.