Zero Caliber

Hmm, this looks nice. The first one to nail a ‘Battlefield but in VR’ will do well. Onward and Pavlov are great but can be a bit ‘GET TACTICAL SOLDIER I HAVE 1500 CONFIRMED KILLS YOUNG MAN AND…’ so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

You can install a free demo (as the Steam page hasn’t updated yet) by using this URL: steam://install/918710 (copy that to a new tab and it’ll start up steam and do its thing).

EDIT: Had a play, not really set up for Oculus Touch controllers as yet. Shame.


Well this is weird. The thread title had “Caliber” spelled “Calber”. So I changed it.

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Oh, and I’m not much of a shooter guy but the game is probably on my list.

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