Zero Hour (a early release alpha on Steam.)

Yeah its a nice game with focus on coop.

Man, I ripped this game a new one when it was first announced here but after watching some YouTube vids I picked it up for $6 (thanks for the tip mag) and I really like the gun mechanics so far. Zero Hour has come a long way. :+1: I can now see myself spending more than zero hours in this sim and it’s a steal for $6. :slight_smile:

… and if you like the genre, i strongly recommend you also these 2 games:


Ready or Not on Steam (

If someone want to team up for coop in this kind of games catch me on steam :wink:

Steam Community :: |SGC| Stavka5

I have both… Ground Branch of course is awesome… but Ready or Not, been a supporter since the beginning, and so far it is not even close to being ready… you can seriously wait on this one, but GB and of course ZH… are both well into development. jmo.

New “quality of life” update with a practice killhouse…

Zero Hour | Quality Of Life Update - YouTube

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Missed this one somehow. How is it coming along?

It’s getting there… could wait more if in no rush, but damn that’s a cheap price. AI teammates are coming soon right now this is pretty much co-op and/or PVP.

(When they come should be more like Ready or Not SWAT action.)

Thanks. Yeah for that price hard to quibble too much.

I gave up from this game and still prefer the Ready or Not and SWAT4 with SEF mod. The Zero Hour gives sick motion because that constant and unrealistic head sway even when not running.

my words, even one weapon and one map will be ok for that price :wink:

only installed it yet. gifted it to my squad mate ( so actually paid full price :slight_smile: ). will try co-op and will see.

I’d say it’s worth about the $6 they asking for right now. It’s a pretty game until you get to the character modeling and motion. The bad guys are extremely awkward looking in motion. The weapon and recoil mechanics are also lacking. It might excel as a 5 player co-op, but solo it’s currently nothing to write home about.

did few solo runs in this one and imo this is much better solo experience than Ground Branch. it definitely lacks in few areas (acceptable for the asking price) but its definitely better solo tac game exp for me.

Ground Branch feels to me more like pixel hunting than tac game. did also PvP and cant really tell the difference between GB and CS. this statement is exaggerated but apart from customizations and the better gun play there was not much difference. I mean the game doesnt force tac play (you can run forever etc.). maybe when played little more tactical then it can shine. but that can be said about any game :wink:

This one has been slow as hell… but should I complain? Ground Branch has been in development for over a decade. lol

I of course am always looking forward to dogs, lol…

“Zero Hour’s next major update consists of a new map, attack dog(co-op), Molotov, gameplay tweaks & more. This update focuses on content updates and quality improvements.”

Road Map… still a long way away…

We will see.

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Finally… coming at the end of June. Gave up on this one, guess I’ll re-install when time.

"Zero Hour’s Operation Thunderbolt is here with exciting additions and significant optimizations that enhance your gaming experience. Prepare to trudge through a new map, engage with an AI squad, and wield the game’s first non-lethal weapon. "

I pretty much forgot about this one. It is hiding at the bottom of my Steam library. Hopefully the update delivers.

First thing I still think of is the movie every time this thread pops up. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Are we getting dogs in game? Or did that fall by the wayside?

Actually yes… it was in one of the notes, they say that’s the reason why delayed till end of month. Working on the dog. As an ex-handler and trainer, love to see dogs in game but never really used in game properly IMO… so will see.