Zibo'd A320 Open Source

A preview of the new ECAM pages etc:

Open source A320 improvements. Seems a bit soon given there’s not been a single patch post release, but cool to see. I wonder if they’ll let it live license-wise?


Yeah…definitely has me wondering. Asobo might not realize how resourceful this crazy scientist community is! Wonder how hard they will try to lock down modding…

If they are sensible, they won’t lock it down at all.

It was mentioned in a Q&A, I think the concern was if the manufacturers baulked a bit. As long as they steer clear of trademarks it’ll be ok. There’s no aircraft DRM under the Community folder, so it would be hard to police.

The aircraft config and displays are made with HTML/CSS and JavaScript. I’m tempted to add a ‘Mudspike’ ECAM page! :mudspike: :slight_smile:

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I’d love to watch Netflix while I’m long hauling. :popcorn:

Glass half full: Seems like an efficient, open way to build things. Say what you will about the (current) G1000 in the sim, but it runs way better than glass in either Xplane or FSX ever did (for me at least). Steam or G1K cockpits seem to be about the same, which is a huge relief. As we see more advanced glass (or interpretations of the G1k, eg. JustFlights), that’ll likely take it’s toll a bit, but hopefully the relative efficiency of the code base can help.

Glass Half Empty: The entirety of the sim is just one giant trojan horse for the new Edge Browser.


I’m honestly shocked there’s no Bing Maps integration right in the sim. There’s not a even a splash screen for Bing. Almost like they’re embarrassed about their association with Bing.

Asobo make the sim, and the publisher is Xbox Games Studio. Azure, Bing and all that are business units of Microsoft, so they don’t really call them out individually (as it’s just Microsoft).

Here’s the Partner series, where the Bing people get to talk. It’s kind of funny, as they don’t really mention the BlackShark.AI group, which is what uses the data for the sim, but everyone gets their day in the sun I guess. :sun_with_face:

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