ZX Spectrum Laptop

My first love was the Sinclair ZX81, mainly because the CP/M I got shown at school was always busy. I was really fortunate to have supportive parents to help buy one, although they expressed almost immediate regret when I didn’t sleep for 52 hours and then proceeded to throw up late Boxing Day, as I hadn’t blinked since I hooking it up to flickering black and white TV. :slight_smile:

Anyway, nostalgia alert - here’s a ZX Spectrum ‘laptop’, of which I think is just some modern hardware and an emulated ROM. Still, look at this beast!


Only $150 as well. Very tempted, just so my kids can laugh at me.


Found a review. ha, this looks hilarious…

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Now that is cool!!
I feel the need to make a C=64 laptop!


I’d go for a Commodore 64 or Commodore Pet - I’m that old :slight_smile:

I bought a nice mechanical keyboard and chose it from it’s brothers based on the fact that it reminded me of a Commodore 16 :slight_smile:

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Commodore 64 had such a fancy keyboard. The Spectrum ‘dead flesh’ silicone keyboard was a sight to behold. Felt clammy even when new.

The ZX-81 had a bare membrane to press (a sort of angry headnod to blind people I guess), and if you pressed too hard the RAM pack on the back would wobble (it only came with 1K) and the system would immediately reboot. Good times.



This was our first computer. The keyboard was an abomination. I literally got blisters from typing on it.