1943 Berlin Blitz - Oculus VR Revive

anybody tried it?
I’m super curious!

ps i’ve got a Samsung Odussey + any tips on how to play Oculus games trough revive?

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It’s very good at putting you ‘there’ in a Lancaster, on a mission to the big city. I’ve flown in a Lancaster (during the day, with no night fighters or flak) and the experience ‘inside’ the VR Lanc looks and sounds pretty similar to what you would see in the aircraft, so much so that it took me back a bit. Here an ‘in experience’ screenshot. :wink:


To play it with an Odyssey, I would recommend getting on Steam, as it is compatible with HTC Vive and so will just work through SteamVR, like DCS.

But if you really want to play an Oculus exclusive title, use Revive:


It’s basically a radio broadcast made during an actual night bombing raid, with recreated VR visuals. You are just along for the ride, hearing the radio reporters narrative, but I liked it a lot! If you can get it to run, do give it a go…


Just to be clear, I am fairly sure you won’t need Revive for the Berlin Blitz, as it is Vive compatible. You will need it for Oculus exclusive titles like Dirt Rally, Lone Echo and Robo Recall


Wow ty! Before posting I searched it on steam and missed!

I’ll try the revive to play the lone echo trailer tough! Seems a really interesting game!

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