Operation Chastise. Raid on the Ruhr in VR

Immersive VREducation, the makers of Apollo 11 VR, Titanic VR and that cool little VR fly along BBC broadcast, the Berlin Blitz, will release another VR game, where you tag along a Lancaster of the Dambusters, during Operation Chastise.


Looks cool, if a bit graphically underwhelming.

I really enjoyed the Apollo VR thing. It’s sort of like a movie ticket purchase, in that they are fun for a watch or two and very immersive, but the price has to be similar to a movie really.

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They have probably made it to work with PSVR and the stand alone headsets.

Yes. The Titanic VR has more game elements though. 6hrs of gameplay and a sandbox of the wrecksite you can explore.
I supported it on Kickstarter, so I’m supposed to have my name on a tablet on the virtual seabed :slight_smile:
But I haven’t actually played the game yet…

This title seems to be more active than the Apollo title. Sort of a collection of mini games, associated with the mission.

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