1C and Team Fusion joins forces..!

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That is interesting. Basically Team Fusion has access to the source code to produce commercial add ons. Interesting to see what comes of this.

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Oh my. That is love on a whole new level

Absolutely! Just think of what they have accomplished so far…!

Just wished they sold the game on Steam though

This is very positive IMO. We might have to pay for TF mods, but the series is live and well, and this might shorten the development cycle a bit.

They do, and this will add the Team Fusion patches too Steam if I am reading correctly


I can’t buy it. It’s been on my wishlist for like forever now

Weird, wonder why that is? I have it on Steam.

Yeah, me too…

it was removed a little while back for sale. also removed from greenman gaming where i originally bought it, but found it on amazon https://www.amazon.com/IL-2-STURMOVIK-CLIFFS-DOVER-Download/dp/B0051VFI1E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482334509&sr=8-1&keywords=il-2%2Bsturmovik%2Bcliffs%2Bof%2Bdover&th=1

Same here. I do remember something about it being pulled because it was so/too buggy? I had preordered it but something back there in my head suggests it might have been pulled from Steam.

EDIT: @Mudcat beat me to it (and with a more solid recollection)

I still have the option to buy it right now if I wanted though.

odd, i do too, i know it wasn’t available for a bit maybe they put it back up?

Believe they released a patch that broke TF compatibility… Think they pulled it again.

Back to the main plot, not sure how i really feel about this tbh. It’s a double edged sword for TF to be sure.

How do you mean?

Me too.

When money wasn’t a factor in the equation most were always nice and civil (apart from a few knobs of course, seriously who complains about free work…), however with that changing I fear attitudes on both sides may change as well. Not everywhere is as friendly and as good natured as we are here :smiley:

*just went back to the thread over at ATAG and it seems that there were those not exactly excited by the prospects "Did a little thread clean up. Lets keep it civil and on topic fellas ". I actually didn’t see anything that seemed overly bad previously, but maybe it got worse between visits.