2017 Health & Fitness thread


At least you did run!


Ran 3.4K today…was feeling it after yesterday’s first run. Then walked an additional 3.25K… Just enough to get the blood flowing.


What average speed do you guys run at? I know I’m slow…my goal is just to keep up the running motion. I could probably fast walk about as fast…(err…slow…)


Currently on my good runs it’s 10.8 avg moving speed, starting a bit slower and picking up the pace somewhere past 50% to then sprint through the last 2k.

Yeah you aren’t going fast. Which is good. GO SLOW is the mantra when you are starting out. You will get faster by putting the miles in and letting your muscles get used to the motions. You will notice after a few times that the HR will go down and speed will go up without any effort!

reddit.com/r/running is a great place to read up on all sorts of things. It also has interesting question threads.


Some graphs and stats:


I wish I could commend you on your performance but all I am thinking is “WHY DO I LIVE IN FLATLAND?!” :wink:

Nice performance!


I’m gonna use that in futere when someone asks where I’m from. “I’m from Flatlands” xD

I’ll try to do a Gran Fondo this month (next weekend if the weather is playing along) which should bring me into a little hillier terrain.


I… Come from a different plane of existence alltogether sci fi sound


Couch 2 5k. It’s a training program, plenty of apps for it too!


Last year average was 9.8 kph for a total of 190 km. I’m aiming for anything under 6 min/km pace. But I’m lightweight and my body is already used to moderate running…

I dream of being able to run 3 klicks in under 15 min :wink:


Nice. I usually aim for 3km under 20min.
At the moment I usually don’t make it.


Man that’s doable but that is exhausting for me right now. Pretty much in the VO2 MAX zone for me :smile:

It’s fun at times, though I am more drawn to long distance running.


First run of the year. I still hate running right now.


What’s on your run playlist? I don’t have one…I just Pandora my “Thumbprint” station…which gives me a range of stuff from Korn, 311, Linkin Park, Flo-Rida, JayZ, Gramatik, and a touch or Rage Against the Machine to really get me going…LOL…


Depends on my mood… today, it was my Halestorm/ Pretty Reckless Google Playlist. Honestly, it’s worth the $10/ month for the unlimited music streaming with no ads.


I have a few, but to get moving at the end of a long day, most often:
Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, Kid Rock, Cracker, Linkin Park, Incubus, Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Langhorns, Faith No More, Seven Mary Three, Pearl Jam, Eminem.


I’m hitting my first peak of the year. The cold I’ve been carrying with me since Christmas is finally gone, weather is how I like it: cold (well, for this part of Germany) and dry. Feels good. I think I’m going to include the little climb up Rheinpreußen (an old mine dump) more often.


I have one in shed I keep tripping on, it’s all yours if you want it


Half a cup of coffee before hand;
Duration 16:40. Distance 1.96 miles. Avg Pace 8m 28 seconds. Elev gain 160 feet.
Followed by few pushups and ab ripper x.


Did my 30 min mailbox run tonight. That is go around my usual running route but doing intervals between mailboxes. The yards are big here :slight_smile:. Been battling a groin strain (abductor longus) though. I took four weeks off but it doesn’t heal, so trying the opposite approach - running through the pain. I feel as long as I don’t tear it further that the stimulus will be benificial. Another guy on our team who is 10 years younger gave up and had surgery. Will do this if I don’t see any improvement over the next 4 weeks of lacrosse league.

Man, ground injuries really suck. I’ve battled hamstring and quadriceps tears, but those actually heal with time. This thing is a chronic biotch.

On the other hand, what incredible weather we are having in the Southeast US. Feels like Spring already.