2017 Health & Fitness thread


The dogs have been demanding to stay outside whenever possible, and wanted walks both this morning and evening. Then were mad when i left them at gone to go run afterwards.

Looking forward to a long, long ride Saturday, acne maybe a hike Sunday before hopping into Rise of Flight.


It’s tricked some of our spring flowers into starting to grow already. Hate to break it to them…


Today’s run. Decided to go one and half hours after dinner to tease my stomach a little. There’s gonna be a point where i’ll have to chow on something during a run so better that get in.

Well, it was cold, freezing and no wind with a clear sky. What a lucky experience, not uncomfortable with a gorgeous starry sky above. Aimed for a solid 6min/k speed and I sort of succeeded. Although my intestines decided to throw some motions that were slightly uncomfortable.

Oh well, how’s everyone else doing?


Pretty good. I used the segments on my commute for interval training this week. On my way home I did a several 5-10min max effort segments with easier sections in between which resulted in a lot of PRs on Strava. I improved my times on a lot of segments multiple times this week. Also I’m up another .5kg so that’s going good as well. Aiming for 60kg. I might be the caricature of a mountain cycling specialist even though there aren’t any mountains around these parts :smile:


Oh wow, that looks like a nice commute and it’s definitely working for you!


It’s quite taxing and I need to eat a lot to keep this up and gain weight at the same time but it’s a lot of fun.


just to give you guys an idea what this means, this is what I ate today:

5:30AM: cereal
7:15AM: 5 slices of bread with peanutbutter and jelly, two bananas
12:30PM: big plate of baked potatoes with baked salmon and a big salat.
16:15PM: more bread. this time 4 slices with cheese, tomatoes and onion rings. Also another banana.
~17:00PM: energy bar mid commute
19:00PM: 250g pasta plus leftovers (a couple of pizza slices from the day before). Fruit plate.


2 mile run downhill followed by walk up hill.


Wow! How cool is that? CONGRATULATIONS! All the work I put into Merlin is now paying off. He is my little buddy.
Enjoy your family !


A friend of mine persuaded me to try out a training program he does since a year or so.
A guy from the local skiing club is the trainer and they do a nice cardio training. It is 2 Euros per unit. Just a bit more than half an hour of training every monday, but that’s plenty enough for me at that intensity.
I am not quiiiiite up to snuff yet but the peer pressure might add some motivation.


Wanted to run in the sun, got to run in the fog :frowning: 4.3k at 5.35 average pace though, not bad for a run I wasn’t enjoying that much :stuck_out_tongue:


Whenever I go out on my bike and it’s peeing it down or a gale blowing I tend to put my head down and just get on with it and consequently end up riding above my normal pace. Hot and sunny weather I will be more inclined to look around and just enjoy the scenery or warmth.

Good run though, well done


Yesterday’s run. Rougher then expected, but i really, really needed it.


Nice work, guys!

Fun thing we should do: add all of the weight we lost together and see if we can lose more weight than some candidate in that TV show “The Biggest Loser”.

Oh btw which app are you using @Navynuke99 ?


That’s Strava, highly recommend using it!


Yes, Strava is great for tracking your progress. It certainly helps keeping me motivated, plus I like stats and Strava presents your stats quite nicely :smiley:

My commute home this afternoon:


I use the free version of runtastic for the outdoor sports stuff at the moment.
But since I don’t do running right now (everything is iced and I don’t want to risk damaging my knee again) nothing is really happening there.


So, please tell me everyone is still doing something?! It’s been awfully quiet in here!

Couldn’t be bothered to go out and run since last week monday so today I went out again on my day off. Weather was boring but kind for runners. Not much to tell about it.


Yes I do. In fact I have a unit of training in less than two hours. Let’s see if I can keep up with the regulars there a bit better this time.


I’ve been carrying a sick 25lber around. I think that counts.


Fun fact: carrying my daughter around really helped with my arm strength. And the training effect improves the older she gets! YAY!