2017 Health & Fitness thread


Of course…as i’m chopping wood, I sent Kai inside to tell mommy to put some beer on ice. So I suspect this will be a net gain zero afternoon. And I’m fine with that.


Cut out the middle man, tell Kai to put the beer on ice. You need to optimize your family Beach! :wink:


I only have four in the fridge - which makes each one worth its weight in, well, nachos or something. Were I to put Kai up to the task, 1 in 4 chance of a broken beer bottle. Unacceptable odds. Mommy is more reliable and efficient.


I might have overdone it a bit with the first ride of the year, but the weather was perfect, and I fell in with a group ride that was going the same direction as me.

Now, time for a beer and bulgogi.


Wow…31.5 miles is a great first ride…!


I just finished planning my first metric double century.

Start ist next Friday at 06:00 together with my brother in law. Here is the route:

Return leg is planned for the next day, so it’s ~460km within 48h :sunglasses:


It was actually 32, but GPS konked out at the end.


Reached a weight plateau of 157-160. It’s irritating the crap out of me.


Funny how the body clings to a desired area isn’t it? And yes, it is super frustrating…


It is also funny how the plateau is always a bit higher than your target weight… :unamused:


Every. Single. Time.


…that moment when you go to the trouble of making a healthy lunch, only to get into work and be reminded that a vendor is coming in and taking your department out today…

So, question. Does anybody here take any diet supplements, multivitamins, etc? I’m flirting with the idea, and as I’m lifting more, friends of mine are preaching the gospel of pre-workouts louder and louder.


I… exhale I do sell the Agel products.
I couldn’t believe it, but they FRIKKIN’ work.
It’s really really impressive. When they first took me to meeting and stuff I really thought it was a bunch of crap.

I tried them. I feel them, they work.
My tuppence.


I just got confirmation that the chosen configuration for my new bike has been accepted by the manufacturer.
The bike in question:

List of components:

  • Custom build 53cm steel frame, yellow (RAL1028)
  • 42cm aluminium drop bar, black
  • Black bartape
  • 100mm stem, black
  • Tubus Logo rack, black
  • SON28 hub dynamo, black
  • Lights: SON Edelux II front, B&M Top Line Brake Plus back
  • Ultegra mechanical group set:
    50/34T compact chain ring
    12-25T cassette 11-speed
  • ST-RS685 hydraulic STI levers
  • BR-RS785 hydraulic brakes
  • CX75 hub rear, SON hub front
  • 28’’ Snyper wheels, black. I’ll probably try deep section wheels down the line but I’ll stick with these for now
  • Continental Grand Prix 4-Season 28mm tires
  • PD-M530 SPD pedals

I’m excited

Edit: fixed dodgy mobile formatting


Your gearing looks good @Derbysieger, and Ultegra will last you a very long time with cable and chain maintenance/replacement. Bulletproof but only slightly heavier than DA. Nice ride.


Yeah, I chose that gearing based on my current preference.
Obviously, the 11-speed cassette gives me a much finer selection of gears than the 8-speed cassette I have on my old bike. The 12-25T cassette especially offers very fine increments between gears, something my current bike is severely lacking.
Atm I ride a 48/38/30T chain ring with a 11-32T 8-speed cassette and the hardest gear that I ride on a more or less regular basis is 48-15 (48-13 if I get a nice tailwind) but for the most part I’m just pushing 48-18 and 48-20 on the flat and a minimum 38-28 up the little climbs in my area that top out around 12-15% max. grade.
I think I will enjoy the 22-speed Ultegra a lot.


What’s your grease/oil schedule with such heavy use? I usually follow a 50 hour cycle, taking weather conditions into account, but you have such a high utility cycle, is it a weekly thing?


Pretty much, however cleaning the chain can be necessary on a daily basis in bad weather (although I usually do it after two days of rain). Depending on the route I take I have 4-8km of gravel on my commute (one way) which is more than enough to make the chain extremely dirty if it’s raining.

Other than cleaning and regreasing the chain and a bit of general cleaning I do maintenance Saturdays or Sundays:

Thorough cleaning, complete check of the bike including brakes, lights, tire pressure, tread, cables, chain, cassette, chain ring etc.

My next bike (and it feels a bit ridiculous saying this considering i don’t even have my new bike yet) will be set up as a bad weather commuter: Rohloff IGH, chainglider, disc brakes … For now I will keep using my old bike in bad weather when I get my new bike.


Run then p90x ab ripper…with few pushups in the end.


Summary for the month
Lost 2.8kg.
715km cycled over 33 hours.
Completed 2x 100km rides.

Summary for the year.
Lost 6kg
1400km cycled over 63 hours.

Aims for March.
Weight just to keep coming down, 800km in the month to include a 200km ride towards the end.
Please, please, please let the weather get better :slight_smile: