2017 Health & Fitness thread


Still stabilized right below 94kg.
Going Running tonight.


I’ve been taking it easy the week after my 244km ride but this week it’s been business as usual. Still a little slower than I was in the weeks befor the tour (and the crash at 40km/h…) but I’m feeling really good again.

Stats for this year so far:
Distance: 3,623.3km
Elevation gain: 11,399m
Longest ride: 244km
Didn’t miss a single commute to work.
Gained ~2kg since Christmas


I ran twice today.
First I ran out of beer.
Then I ran to get more.

…on a more serious note: I was at 93.2kg on Friday. So still progress albeit small.
I ditched my Thursday session last week but went running on Wednesday. Worked astonishingly well.


Spend a few days in Helsinki, did some fine walking :wink:


Not sure this fits in this topic, but I dislocated my shoulder yesterday evening. Popped it back in on-site but still hurts like hell. I fell barely 7 feet and lay there suffering from something the doc called extreme embarrassment.



I’ve reached what seems to be a plateau of -13 pounds for the year - need to start adding exercise on top of diet changes.


Time to add caloric deficit of 500ish cal to weight loss. Some say it counts to about 70% of effort.

Using this free website. Used it before and managed to get good results.


I was at 92.9 on Monday.
I guess that means I will continue with what I’ve been doing.


I have been pretty slow getting on the program with you guys … but I kicked things off with a run today.

Temp was 83ºF (28ºC). It’s pretty warm here in Texas already!.. Phew!


Weight before run 195.6. After run 194.4.

Exercising with aggressive diet - already lost 4 pounds in a week.


First run since the cold snap. Not my best time, but I tried a new route that felt like it was mostly uphill.


It all seems uphill to me too… :wink:


48, 6’4", 175 lbs. Very little muscle. I run a lot and, every morning, roll onto the floor out of bed for push-ups and sit-ups. I crawled up into the 180’s several years ago. I was chatting with my uncle about it and he mentioned the docufilm Forks Over Knives, which is heavily informed by his Yale friend, '56 Olympic rowing teammate and eventual boss of the cardio department at the Cleveland clinic. The movie emphasized minimizing sugar and animal based protein and maximizing Whole Foods and fiber (<–I love how the iPad autocapitalizes “whole foods”-- Capitalism!). I went back to 172 - 176 and haven’t varied out of that range since.

Anyway, my faimily and I (and nearly the entire population of their origin, Japan) are heavy carb consumers. I go through 2 - 3 cups of white rice a day. We in the West rail against carbohydrates while we suffer the worst rates of obesity and heart desease in the world adhering to diets that avoid them. Makes no sense.


I love rice and eat a lot of it. When I tried to minimize rice consumption I didn’t notice a big effect. The biggest effect is from working out. Other stuff contributes as well (less sugar, not eating a warm meal three times a day, such stuff) but not moving is what hits most I think.

Concerning myself this week: I have a nasty cold. So no proper workouts for me this week. :frowning:


I have a slightly annoyed muscle in the my right leg so running is uncomfortable. The doctor gave me the OK to do so though, tried it last week and didn’t enjoy it much. Hopefully tomorrow again, especially if this sunny weather keeps up!


Started the opening process of our pool today - and with Spring Break vacation on the near horizon, time to double down. Paring back my carbs (goodbye beer) and stepping up the exercise. I think I’ll finally clip in to my triathlon bike tomorrow. I’m only down about 7 lbs. from the start of this - not the pace I was hoping for, but I’ve not been adhering to a great diet plan. Exercise yes…eating…not so much.


I gave up meat, sugar, and soft drinks for Lent, and it’s been mostly really, really easy doing without meat. I probably will never go fully veggie arrest Easter (because barbecue), but I’m ok with cutting way, easy back on my consumption. I’ve been doing more rice (brown and basmati) as well as quinoa and more seeds and nuts, and the difference in the way I feel has been amazing.

Now if all these delicious breweries within stumbling distance of campus would just shut down, I’d be in great shape.


My beer consumption is way down these days… I can’t say the same for wine though, but evidently red wine is good for you, and who am I to argue? :wink:


I go with that logic as well. Something, something, heart health, something something, goes good with Chinese…


Things are looking up: