2017 Health & Fitness thread


Nice to get off the bike when it is 92F and plop right in the pool… :sunglasses:



I’ve taken to cycling, as well. I’m sick of having a stereotypical midwestern body. 5 mile cycle on a road that can’t decide whether to go up or down, then home for some free weights.


Sick …again.
Again some sort of cold I apparently caught from my daughter (who was sick exactly three days and even then still playing like nothing had happened for most of the days, while her poor old father felt like he was going to die).

Positive about being sick: I felt so bad I hardly ate, so I am down to below 88kg now.


WOW … Tour de France - Pawel Poljanski’s legs after cycling 2,829km in 18 days …

I’m a bit disturbed by this level of athleticism.


Man, that’s disgusting…

At my own health front it is a bit of stagnation right now. Stable just below 88kg, which is OK, but the environment temperatures and my job don’t make it easy right now.


Is the heat really that bad @Aginor? I mean we had a few uncomfortaböy hot days here in NRW over the month but nothing too bad.

Anyway, I completely missed that I hit 10.000km this month, so yay!
Also, on average I’m riding about 10 hours less per month with the new bike while distances have stayed about the same. ~1300-1500km/month


I have always had problems with heat and especially with high humidity.
I feel exhausted all the time and sweat and sweat and sweat without doing anything at all.
I would love to live somewhere where temperatures never exceed 20°C.
In contrast to that I have less problems with low temperatures than most people I know. If I had to choose between hot and cold I’d almost always pick cold.


I completed all the tests and I’ve been admitted as a Blood, Plasma and Marrow donor.

Going for the first blood donation this Saturday.
FREE BREAKFAST TOO! <— I just found out…


I cycled 1718km at an average speed of 29.35km/h this month, commuting and recreationally :open_mouth:
It’s the longest distance I’ve ever ridden over the course of 31 days. Even the tour to Switzerland back in 05(??) was ‘just’ ~1650km.

Stats for 2017:

  • 337 rides
  • Distance: 10,716km
  • Time: 402h15m
  • Elevation gain: 29,711m
  • Average speed: 26.64km/h (2.1km/h increase since getting my new bike, average on my new bike is just short of 29km/h)

2017 Heatmap, that long line going out to the east was my 244km ride to Medebach:


Good grief…244km…did you beat Sagan to the finish line and claim the green jersey??


It was quite an adventure. The distance wasn’t too bad. What really wrecked us was the cold February weather and the last 50ish kilometers with roughly 500m elevation gain. About 40km of climbing, (although most of it was just false flats there was a short climb that maxed out at ~20% and a 15km climb at 5-11% gradient), followed by a 10km descent where I crashed on ice, in the dark (I got really lucky!).

I have another 200km ride planned for late August (two days: first day ~160km, second day ~210km), not quite as long and I’m on a much faster bike now, but 200km is still a lot! Hopefully the weather plays along this time.


I managed to run 50 km this month. I’m still not in schedule for this year’s goal of 250 km but tendency is improving.


That’s approximately the amount I run in a month as well, at least most of the time. (2x 6km every week).


Damn, I’ve been beaten out of my running schedule pretty badly in that regard. I switched shifts and work locations at Schiphol and my body hasn’t adjusted yet. I do about 10KM a week at most now.


Since the start of the year I’ve lost 12kg, the whole point of it (apart from just being healthier) was to be able to complete my goal for the year without any dramas and on Thursday I achieved it.

Finished the London to Edinburgh to London audax ride in 115 hours (2 hours under the limit). 1440 km. Got a medal, sore knees and a painful backside to show for it and a hell of a lot of good memories. Time to put my feet up for a while.


So. A lump. There.
Yep, there…

It’s painful, going to see a doctor. Wish me luck guys.


Oh man, I hope everything turns out ok!


I honestly don’t know what to think.
I’m 40, don’t smoke, don’t drink but I do eat a teeny itsy bitsy amount of too much red meat…

I don’t want prayers or anything… just.
Honest? I’m scared.

My father is dying these days of three cancers.
His father of prostate cancer.
This strikes close to home. So to speak.


Best of luck with it and hopefully it turns out to be nothing. Or a something that can be made into nothing.


What’s cheering me up is thw wide range of meaningless small issues this could still be.