2017 Health & Fitness thread


Yeah sorry I had an old-school German moment there. :smile:
I have had American beers that I really liked. :slight_smile:

Good posts there, but now back to training, you drunkards! :slight_smile:


With all due respect to a thousand years of German beer brewing heritage, laws, and traditions, I beg to differ… The market is too large and the beer too good to ignore. This is coming from someone who lived in Munchen for 4 years, right around the corner from the Schelling Salon. I also admit to having a Hirschlederjacke hanging in my closet, that I bought for the sole purpose of winning over my Bavarian girlfriend’s parents during Oktoberfest. The damn thing costed DM 1700, and I’ve worn it like 3 times :frowning: Furthermore, Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu, that been around since the middle of the 14th century, is now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev Somewhat blasphemous, IMO.

Sorry, Aginor. No more beer chat.


Short update from me:
I caught a nasty cold so no running this week, but…

…I am down to 89.5kg (197.3 lbs), which means I lost a bit over 9kg (or 20lbs, which sounds more) this year already.
My belly looks as fat as always though, while all my pants are too wide now and I have to make new holes in my belts. Hmpf.


Running’s great for burning calories and building cardiovascular endurance, but most hardcore runners I know also supplement their routine with calisthenics or some form of cross-training.

Vanity’s one aspect of it, but pragmatically the improved core strength and stability also really helps when trying to drive through a rough part of the run.


Set a new 5K PR during this 7k. mostly ran on cadence and HR. Shorter steps and a higher cadence saves me so much energy that the whole run felt relatively easy. Obviously a nice breeze and 18C with light clouds is perfect too!

weight is as always somewhere around 68Kg’s. @AeroMechanical is correct on cross training, especially biking and swimming is good for the joints! I really should focus on that next I suppose.

EDIT: the 5K time is 27:23.


Im taking a small vacation and in last 4 days my phone thinks I walked 50 miles (80km). Not sure if it’s correct…i mean i walked a lot, but not that far.


When you walk 20km, you know it afterwards, so if you’re unsure, chances are you’re phone is on the fritz.


Oh, im feeling it. My feet are hurting mighty fine even after a long hard sleep.


Possibly accurate then. It’s easier to knock out those distances on accident then most people think!


Quick update:
I hit the 8000km mark on Strava this morning and I’m now up to 8055km this year, already 2470km on my new bike.

I love how fast it is and how comfortable at the same time. The Grand Prix 4-Seasons are surprisingly comfy tires, even at 7.5bar. A lot nicer to ride than Schwalbe Marathon Plus at 5-6bar, not to mention much faster.
When I got my new bike my average speed was 24,5(ish)km/h over the course of ~5500km (which, to be fair, includes a pretty slow January and February due to weather). It’s now sitting at 25,9km/h and over the last four weeks it was just below 29km/h which includes a couple of slow and relaxed rides with my brother and my parents.
Tomorrow is a public holiday in North Rhine-Westphalia and I have the Friday off so I’m going to add a few hundred kilometers over the weekend.
For Friday I have a ~165km ride planned with my brother in law and tomorrow I plan on doing a short recovery ride at a fairly easy pace, maybe 60km just spinning in an easy gear.


Nice! Those are some impressive numbers. I think your bike and my car are doing about as many km’s so far this year, impressive work of you!


Short report from me:
Still running the 6km twice a week.
Down to 88.9kg (196lbs) now.


It was quite windy today but we made it:

I’m wasted though, that wind was brutal.


Don’t worry about it - the first time I cycled 397m I was exhausted too. :wink:


You weren’t even pedaling!


Try that uphill!


ahhh, the superman position :smiley:


Not really something to brag about but I’ll do it anyway:
I took part in the annual “city run” of my home town and made the 4.2km in 29:55, which put me almost right in the middle of the field.
I did it mostly for fun, and I know it isn’t too impressive, but I still see it as an important milestone in my fitness. I didn’t skip it, I didn’t do too badly and I feel rather well afterwards.
Very good for the motivation. Next year the 10km instead. Or beat my time in the 4.2km.


Hey, any run is a good run when you go out there. 4.2 is nothing to sniff at for most people anyway, you did it and had fun. And in the end any run is a race against yourself!

On another note, I participated in a field hockey tournament yesterday, which was quite the experience. 4 games lasting 30 minutes and I’ve used my leg muscles in ways I never do, so today I am enjoying them sore :wink:


I have huge respect for all you guys who run. I like hiking, especially in the mountains. Getting up early to watch the sunrise from a mountaintop after climbing for a few hours or hiking through a ravine in rough terrain is really amazing but running - nope…
I can be on my bike all day every day and enjoy every second of it but running more than a few minutes and I lose interest. Not sure why but it’s just something I don’t enjoy.