2024..and Beyond Speculation?

Hello my Friends…It’s about that time of year when ED/DCS put ot their yearly video with some previews/sneak peaks of 2024 and beyond
Any guesses or speculation on The next Big DCS Staple Module might be?
Will it be a Aircraft,Helicopter or maybe a secret Map or feature that has been kept quiet for this year?
Would love to hear your thoughts?


Personally I’m set. With a dynamic campaign, even a limited one, I am at an end-state of my desires for or expectations from the sim. WW2 carriers would be fun. A Falklands era Harrier campaign would be cool. For me, the days of getting excited about a plane or helicopter are over. I’ve seen enough to validate my love of flying. From here on it’s gameplay. AI, game engine, multiplayer and scripted campaigns. Give me something fun and lasting to do with the thing and I’ll buy the thing. Put it out there with promises for the future and I won’t.


I have pretty much given up guessing when it comes to DCS modules, but:

For a 2024 release tease. Kola map? that is about all I am waiting for in terms of ‘additions’. I’d love a South East Asia map but I am sure that is going to be …and Beyond.

Next year though. This sums it up for me as well.


My hope for DCS is DCS world becomes…DCS: Whole World this year. I don’t see myself using it much otherwise. When I was younger, I would spend hours reading manuals trying to learn planes, mostly airliners. It felt like a job and I didn’t really get my itch scratched. I like flying heavy iron, but I want to do things like Operation Chrome Dome missions, from the KC/EC-135 side and from the B-52 side. I want to do long range bombing missions from the cold war or OIF/OEF. I want to fly a U-2 out of Beale AFB or Mildenhall and actually have working sensors that benefits my team mates. I would like to participate in a real time, global war, with other players- Air, Land, and Sea based. Cooperative.

Do I think that will happen in 2024? No. Can I dream? Sure.

As far as speculation, I think they’re going to continue to upgrade fighters and we may see OIF/OEF maps. I think they may do a Ukraine map just because it’s going to be a US battleground very soon. Maybe even a China/Taiwan map for the same reason. But I expect mostly fighters.


Combat missions aside, that would be awesome for next year’s Christmas flight… My personal goal in that case would be ‘gotta fly em all’ :slight_smile:


Yeah I don’t think we’ll see a globe next year but in the meantime, have you seen DCS Olympus? We will test it with our squadron over the holidays but judging from the videos I have watched it’s amazing.

Highlights for me are definitely going to be the Phantom and hopefully Kola Peninsula. The screenshots they have published so far look very promising.

Then there’s the Chinook and the C-130. I would love a stronger focus on logistics and EW.


I’ll just be drooling over F-4E, A-6E, and F4U footage wondering when we’ll actually get them.


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I think 2023 has been the yr of DCS Core Updates,Multi threading,DCS 2.9,DLSS and although all are WIP…I think DCS/ED have gotten the message from the community that the game itself had to be upgraded….And I really think they’re doing a amazing job overall…considering they are working with code over 20 yrs old.
I was somewhat disappointed to not see more or anything of The C-47 Chinook or The F6F that were revealed in last yrs video.
But We did get some fantastic non-DCS modules in The Razbam Strike Eagle and The OnRe Tech Sinai Map…Which I feel are Superb and go great together and really make me not so anxious for upcoming modules.

What I feel We’ll see from DCS/ED in 2024
#1-Mariana’s WWII this has been in development forever *
#2-F6F HellCat I feel this is likely to be closely followed by Mariano’s WWII Map
#3-Dynamic Campaign-1st Edition Like most things with DCS I feel this will come in stages
#4-Afghanistan Map * this has been pretty much guaranteed in The Nick Grey interview

What I think We might see revealed in The New Years Video.
#1- South Asia Map The Phantom Begs for This
#2-F/A-18F Superhornet I feel this is the next logical step in The DCS Module 2 seat pipeline
#3-MH-60 BlackHawk * Such a versatile bird and would fit in fantastically with all the logistics that have been rumored to be on the way.


I personally would love to have some 21st century platforms in DCS that are NOT just 70s or older designs updated to work in it.
I don’t count the JF-17 as whenever it first flew it’s still a legacy design.

I’d just be thrilled to have an 80s design. I guess once the Eurofighter comes along we’ll finally have that.

The fact remains, however, that in the 90s I was flying more modern combat jets in sims (super hornet, EF2K, F-22, RAH-66, Gripen, Rafale, even F-35) than I am in 2023 and that’s just sad.


Jack Nicholson Reaction GIF


True, but at nowhere near the fidelity that many deem as being acceptable now. Classified systems could be glossed over with best guesses and we were all cool with that. Today, not so much.




:smiley: It was Fun Though

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Absolutely it was fun…. and maybe we have lost something on the road to ultimate realism.


This. Forever…
I will never stop repeating, ad nauseam, how Falcon 3.0 peaked.
Other games did several things better, separately, but as a full package nothing comes close to Falcon 3.0 (especially if we consider the three expansions)…

We should have stopped there at realism, and just improved graphics.
I said what I said.


You’re not wrong…
But I remember my reasoning back then. I was happy with the graphics and never understood how this could improve much. I did want realism, though. I wanted realistic flightmodels and buttons and switches. I had Space Shuttle for my Amiga and it had buttons…! Lots and lots of glorious buttons!
But I never realized that the realism Genie wouldn’t fit back in the lamp again.

The combination of less spare time that came with adulthood and sims requiring more studying, wasn’t what I dreamed of.


Been there, done that, rubbed the same “realism” lamp…

That’s the problem though. In a certain way it’s impossible to go back.
I am just glad I have those memories with me forever.

( also I don’t expect everyone to agree with me- that’s just my version of the truth)


It was pretty sad that apparently Nick Grey said in the recent interview that ED is a tech company and not an entertainment company. I mean, this has been bloody obvious for the past 25 years. But still it is sad that it seems ED doesn’t even have the ambition.

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DCS celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. For these 15 years, every mission we played has been ended with the following sad debriefing screen (except multiplayer, there you get nada):

And the Oscar for for storytelling and imersion goes to… not ED, thats for sure!