2080 super

Picked one of these up yesterday, it is absolutely ripping on VR games. Wish I had upgraded sooner.

If anyone is in the market for a gently used 1070, PM me. I’ll let it go for $150.


Yep, I went from a plain 1080 to a 2080, and VR framerates improved by quite a lot.
I really wanted a 2080 Super, but then a plain 2080 popped up used for a good price, so ended up with that instead.

Man, I have a 1070 and was looking at a 2080 super. The performance delta is really that good?

I was hoping for a game bundle with rdr2 or fallen order.

Here’s good comparison site.

I didn’t do a bunch of testing, but in the f16 instant action dawn raider mission, I was getting around 30-40 more FPS.


I thought this thread was going to be about some new big-a$$ed ugly Airbus.


Warning: this comment is purely a snarky, salty reply and does not belong in a friendly forum like this. It should be deleted, but I blurred it instead, hoping that is good enough.

“ugly Airbus”
What did you say about Airbus? I can’t hear you over the sounds of the 737-MAX production line grinding to a halt, and the deafening silence of its AOA warning.


Sorry if I touched a nerve! I was a teacher on the A320 for 3 years. I like the make. I just think that the A380 (designated “Super” as a wake class) is the ugliest airliner ever made. Anyway, the 2080 sounds like a perfect January purchase.


If you are patient (obviously I’m not), supposedly the next generation of cards is coming 1Q of next year. Might be worth waiting for. I think the 2080 super should be plenty of horsepower to handle anything for at least the next 2-3 years though.

I ran a 970 for 3 years, a 1070 for 2. I’ve always been a mid-grade video card buyer and had a great experience. Figured why not try out the higher end this time. Ti is just out of my price justification. Hard to explain to the old lady why I spent almost a house payment on a video game.


I don’t think just the new generation of cards will have influence on the prices.

And the AMD? They are selling new cards right now, and the cards are not bad in comparison to nvidia. Do we see any significant reduction in prices? No.

Looks to me that the sales are good and manufacturers just njoying the higher price levels.

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I think the benefit to waiting would be getting the next generation performance bump at roughly the same prices.

As far as the AMD stuff goes, they definitely seem to be the best value, but always seem to be trailing in the performance area.

I think the prices are here to stay unless AMD starts out performing Nvidia at a lower price.

I’m definitely interested in what the 3000 series of cards will bring to market. My 1080ti has served me faithfully thus far, but with a recent upgrade in CPU I’ll be looking to update the GPU as well only due to VR being such a hardware hog. What I’ve been hearing through others is that one of the largest draws to the 3000 series of cards is more on board memory.

Will you throw in a pair of Puma gaming socks? :wink:


Yes, the 2080 series was a HUGE improvement over my 1070. Unfortunately I jumped on it right after it came out BEFORE the “Super” upgrade was done. Disappointed that Nvidia did it this way BUT am still loving the upgrade from the 1070. Ramped up the detail settings in my flight (mostly DCS) and racing (mostly Assetto Corsa) games and also enjoyed the frame rate increase. Have fun Gunny!


Welcome Stretch!

The good news is the 2080 should be able to hold its own for some time. Really pleased with the purchase, and honestly the difference between 2080 and 2080 s is probably not even noticeable. The reviews I looked at, showed a very small performance gap.

Thanks Gunny, I saw the reviews too and know what you mean, not much different. The heartburn ends when I hop into my rig and take off…:). Enjoy!!!

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Too lazy to google it.
What’s the difference between:
2080 Super

And @Stretch!
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2080 super is 3-4% faster than the 2080. Ti is the 11gig king of the jungle.



Its also twice as expensive.