4090 VR potential - reality check

My PC build is a little over 3 years old and recently I had a chat with the guy who built it for me about possible paths for upgrade. The PC is built around i9-9900k and 2080ti. While it still works well with my sims I feel that my G2 would not mind to get more pixels which the 2080ti is struggling to deliver :slight_smile:

So the option I am thinking about it is to thank the 2080ti, sell it and replace with a 4090 keeping the rest of the PC untouched.

Now the question is what to expect from the new combo in terms of FPS? I would be happy to get a feedback from you gang knowing much more about such stuff that I do whether the below reasoning and tests are OKish in a nutshell.

I set up a MSFS test scenario, started to change OpenXR render settings slider (from 100 to 20) and observed the increase of FPS and especially at what FPS my setup gets CPU bound.

My hypothesis: FPS obtained when bound by CPU is roughly the one I should expect with the new 4090.

Test 1: no DLSS
OpenXR 100%: 24 FPS, GPU bound
OpenXR 80%: 28 FPS, GPU bound
OpenXR 60%: 34 FPS, GPU bound
OpenXR 40%: 45 FPS, GPU bound
OpenXR 20%: 51 FPS, bound by both GPU and CPU

Test 2: DLSS balanced
OpenXR 100%: 40 FPS, GPU bound
OpenXR 80%: 45 FPS, GPU bound
OpenXR 60%: 45 FPS, bound by both GPU and CPU
OpenXR 40%: 51 FPS, bound by both GPU and CPU
OpenXR 20%: 52 FPS, bound by both but more often by CPU

So am I right in thinking, that with the new 4090 I would not get over +/- 50 FPS in test scenario (all other things unchanged) due to being bound by CPU? If the 4090 still has some power left, I would use it for higher clarity (supersampling) of course.

I am aware the whole thing is a bit more complex than that but again - in a nutshell am I right?

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I bought my PC 4 years ago with the intention of making incremental upgrades, but apart from some small stuff like adding more SSD capacity, it has been a great PC. Like you, I have a 2080Ti. I have come to the conclusion that it would probably be better to bite the bullet every 4 years or so with a completely new system, which would hopefully reduce any bottlenecks caused by old equipment. I’m thinking I will do this later this year at some point.


MSFS is a prime example of a game that is usually being bottlenecked by CPU and memory bandwidth.

Of course VR can revert that easily with its extreme resolutions. But it also needs massive CPU power for the juicy high frame rates.

You can reduce civilian traffic to a minimum to reduce CPU usage. Traffic can even today cause your GPU to idle.

But if you buy a 4090 I am afraid it will be a massive waste of money. Get a fast CPU with loads of Cache instead, and maybe a 3090 or 6900xt or something to complement it?

Edit: You‘re not wrong. And I‘d also be tempted by a GPU only upgrade for convenience. But the $$$ waste will be huge. Disclaimer: I am not up to speed with pricing.


I would check yt vids. maybe you can find someone with almost similar specs to yours.


had those in the past also :slight_smile: but never did it actually.

changing complete machine after few years is the path I am on right now. with my latest machine being laptop. and am more than happy with it. but no VR here so theres that.

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I went from 2080TI to 3090, and sadly it still feels lacking in high resolution DCS VR (Reverb, Pico 4). So my advice would be: go with the 4090 if possible :+1:

About the CPU, I sitll have [email protected], which until recently has felt adequate for almost anything. But now I have started to understand that there could be gains to be made in graphics performance with more capable CPU (even though the old CPU never seems fully utilized). Also it seems that flight simulators (MSFS, DCS) are specially punishing for both CPU and GPU.

With CPU upgrade I was hoping to see Intel 7nm process available in 2023Q1, which obviously did not materialize. There is a dilemma if I should still invest around 1000€ to this old 10nm technology (CPU, MB, Memory), or wait for the 7nm process 14th/15th gen Intel or maybe AMD could come up with even more interesting. Of course there is no guarantee when Intel 7nm (which by the way is called Intel 4 :wink: ) will be ready. :thinking:


You Forgot RTX40 supports DLSS 3.0 and Frame Generation, which wouldnt not be affected by CPU Bound.

But the Performance gain IMHO is not worth the investment of 1.5K+. Even if you recoup some from selling off the 2080TI for $400, 1.1K is still too much.


Thanks for reactions :+1:

Yes, you are right. In the past I had a period of about 3 years to do just that. Though we talk a different budget in case of a completely new build. As I feel the rest of the PC is performing fine, I am just playing with an idea of having more pixels being fed to the G2.
And when the time for a new build comes, I will sure keep the 4090.

Thanks :+1:

Thanks :+1:

True. Thanks for heads up.

Guys, I know. Don’t make it more difficult for me. I have excluded the cost factor deliberately from my decision making :slight_smile: Had it always been about benefit/cost ratio, I would not have bought the 2080ti either…



I’m extremely happy with my 4080 - it doesn’t have to be 4090 or nothing :slight_smile:

I’ll be uploading a video I took on board the Aerosoft Lightning in P3D with OrbX scenery and the fpsVR overlay. I’ve never seen such outstanding performance in VR - mind you the CPU is 99% loaded!


2080-ti and in DCS my VR is being crippled in low FPS… hoping to just bite the bullet and get a whole new computer. even my 4.3 GHZ, 7700k cpu can’t help it. in IL-2, it works fine. My old Asus Z170 motherboard is just too old now.


Welcome to Mudspike @retiredat44

That is the dilemma I am facing at the moment… very similar to @apollon01, I could really do with a graphics card update and I can’t really afford a completely new rig at the moment. But it would be pointless me getting anything other than a 3000 series. Mobo is PCIe 3.0 and I doubt I could fit a 4000 series card in my case anyway.

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Yeah it’s painful but you’ll have to bite the bullet with all the CPU gaming improvements of the last few years.

The Ryzen 7000 3D V-cache chips should be available to buy in 3 days. That V-cache is fantastic in simulators.

Depending on your budget, I would either wait for that and buy the cheapest 3D v-cache Ryzen 7000 model.
Or just buy a Ryzen 7 5800X3D now. They’re not that expensive, DDR4 RAM is a lot cheaper than the DDR5 you’ll need for Ryzen 7000 (but you won’t notice the performance difference) and the B550 and X570 motherboards are a lot cheaper as well now.

Total cost should be around €500, probably same in USD. And that assumes you are still on DDR3 ram, it is less than 450 if you already have DDR4, or you can get an X570 MoBo.

If you are looking at such expensive video cards, while you still have an older CPU, I highly recommend just getting a €500 cheaper video card and replacing your CPU and MoBo with these or similar.
Pretty sure the performance bump in simulators will be higher if you do that. And the video card prices come down soon enough that getting an overspecced GPU is never a good investment.

TLDR: if you can afford an RTX 4080 or better, you can also afford to replace your old CPU/MoBo. Don’t waste money on an expensive GPU that will be bottlenecked by the rest of your system.


I noticed this when I was updgrading my 2080Ti to the 4080. I was sorely tempted, but as my current cpu is doing well*, I decided to get the card and upgrade my cpu/mobo/ram later this year or early next. It’s very rare that I do everything together as it’s too expensive. The way I’ve done it I can have a great VGA card now and a great CPU to go with it later. The 4080 has given me awesome performance in DCS and MSFS and my cpu is still coping (an i5 9600k).

I was really surprised at the deals you can get - even in the UK - for a Ryzen 5800.

*It was only the extra cost of a decent mobo and RAM that stopped me. The 4080 was £1345. That’s over $1600


Yeah if you expect to have much more funds available very soon, it does make sense. That was the only case I could think of where shelling out for a GPU now and waiting with CPU+MoBo made sense, but I did not expect this to be the case for anyone. And your CPU isn’t as old as the others mentioned in this thread


depends on the point of view. as everything btw :slight_smile:

lets imagine I want to spend 1.5k

if I go with the GPU only upgrade it can cost me that 1.5k

if I sell my old rig for 1.0k and add 1.5k to it I can get decent new rig

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to add to this case. I watched few yt tests and it was usually mentioned that MSFS is CPU heavy in comparison to other popular games tested.

and MSFS should be the latest and greatest in hw utilisation in comparison to other sims (maybe except XP12), or is this assumption wrong?

I mean sims are going to be always CPU heavy even with all the MT and other magic stuff, arent they?


I’ve found it never goes like that, unfortunately. I’ve run out of trust on ebay, I found on other selling sites that I’ve sold things like controllers actual PC components or complete don’t really attract much attention and selling to the trade gets you very little in return, though I have done it.
Facebook can be an option - sold bikes that way, but been unable to sell anything else at all despite often asking rock bottom prices for top condition stuff. People seem just to expect to get everything for nothing or next to nothing.
I’ve got so much decent stuff from all my hobbies (including items that are very rare) I’d love to sell, but I won’t because I’m sick of feeling like I got the bad end of the deal. If it’s people I know, fine, but when it’s just some git out to take advantage, well I’d rather keep it. In fact I’d rather throw it in the skip.


May I suggest taking really good fotos of whatever it is you‘re selling. No Fisheye effects. Good lighting. A subtle background. Make it look like almost a professional product picture. Make them want it.

Price goes up at least 20% when I sell like this. I don‘t sell often, but this works.

When I buy used, I look for the shittiest photo of something I know can‘t be as bad as it looks. :slight_smile:

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Be careful with Ram Selection for the 5800X3D,
Lower Latency > Higher Bandwidth.
2 Dimms > 4 Dimms
Google it, there’s a list of the best kits.