6900 XT vs 3090 FE in VR ‘sims’

Would have been good if the ‘sims’ had some aircraft, but still interesting. Good to see AMD competitive.


From the article I noticed they were using Nvidia’s FCAT VR benchmarking thing. I had another look at it, and was going to write something up on using it in a series of posts I like to call either ‘How to Not Play Flight Sims in VR using Other Pointless Tools’ or ‘@smokinhole’s I Don’t Understand The Question, And I Won’t Respond To It VR Tech Series’ (kidding man, I love you!). :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it looks like FCAT hasn’t been updated since 2017 and while it provides some good underlying metrics through some event hooks in Oculus and OpenVR, it’s not as good for a quick settings benchmark comparisons as CapFrameX - CapFrameX - Driver Comparison 457.30 vs 466.11 for DCS 2.7 & MSFS VR


do you think FPSVR is not reliable??

It’s good for spot values and seeing what’s going on at the time. The side it is a bit weak on is recording the values and being able to plot comparisons and the like. The trouble with VR and recording performance is that literally just looking around can change the results, making repeat comparison tests (versions, settings compared etc). CapFrameX is better for recording and analysis while fpsVR is good for seeing a ‘live’ spot view.

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