A-10C Warthog II




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OH Yeah!

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A-10C II: A-10Cer


Is that an A-10C with JHMCS tied to the tgp?

And we are getting GBU-54s for the A-10. Hell yeah!!! :metal:

I think it’s Thales Scorpion. Not sure if JHMCS is capable of displaying a feed from the TGP.

Edit: Ok I just found out that JHMCS can display raster scanned images as well, but the system integrated on the A-10C is still Thales Scorpion (HMIT).


HCMS I believe. I use JHMCS as a generic term. But either way thats awesome! And AGM-65Es sweet

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I had no idea The real Warthog Control Stick Didn’t have a Paddle Switch…Is this Correct??

How much will it be?

The full version of A-10C II will be $79.99 USD and the upgrade price will be just $9.99 USD for a limited time.

Rest: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4489624&postcount=1


There is no Paddle in the USAF Manual, the DCS manual or on photos from the C Pit so presumably not.

:slight_smile: YAY! I’m happy!

So ancillary to this: the current A-10C has the TISL panel and you can select the various functions on it, to include the laser code. However, it doesn’t work and has no real capability. Since the new A-10C II will have this panel removed, will the old one have the Pave Penny functionality enabled?

I see what you did there ^^^

I highly doubt Pave Penny is even model. I dont think the A-10C uses pave penny, I believe that was A-10A only.

Sure but when they updated the old A-10C cockpit, they added click control functionality to the panel. As the external model retains Pave Penny, I’d like it to be functional, since I tend to use the A-10C in older scenarios in place of the low-fidelity A-10A.

Would be nice if they could convert the “old” A-10C into a A model. Or at least an A+.

I wonder if both C models will still be under the same constraints set by the military.

Only $10? I never imagined it would be that low, even for a limited time.

I was going to get it as long as it was under $40, so no reason not to now!


I believe they have said 30 sept 2020. So Two Weeks…


I had the A-10C once, but never used it and sold the license (back when it was allowed). Was thinking lately I might pick it up again when on sale for cheap, but I guess I missed that boat now, eh?


I’m not sure where I read it, but I heard you can still fly anything that’s out there now with the old A-10C and it’ll be up to the content creators themselves if they port things over to the new hog.

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