A-10C Warthog II

Yep. Cant remember why I felt the need to off load it.

$25 A-10C (on sale) + $10 upgrade would have been a sweet deal, compared to $80 that I’d have to pay now…

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Looks good. Fairly straight forward mav launch, but it kind of takes away the fire and forget capability. Good for those high value targets.

Can’t wait to see how the GBU-54, its the one I am most interested in,

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Man that HMD is fancy.


NineLine on ED Discord:
Q: will ED update their A-10C Campaigns for A-10C II Tank Killer, like the Red Flag Campaign?
A: I am not sure, I havent heard.

All 3rd. Party Dev. must decide, if they update for A-10C II or leave it for the ‘original’ A-10C.


I can see that being a problem in one case.
What if someone chooses to not upgrade to A-10C II, owns a campaign - which then gets updated? Now they are stuck with something they paid for and cannot use. They shouldn’t have to pay the $9.99 to use their campaign again, with a different airframe.

Realistically, I don’t see why not to upgrade, but there is the possibility some won’t.


I hope that if they do update it, they will leave the old version available for the old hog as well.

I’m actually most curious about the APKWS. How strong it will be against armored vehicles if we can get a practically guaranteed hit with every shot.


If the JF-17 is any indication, it will be a great weapon. Not a kill ever time, but we live and learn. You can get good at these !


Well since they are rockets, launch them in pairs!
Or - perhaps ripple!

That will depend on whether or not we’re stuck with the M151 warhead exclusively. If so, then the M151 will only be effective on light targets and some APCs, with hardly any effectiveness on tanks.

If I had to guess. I would say m151 warhead along with the m156.

A10 has a gun for tanks.

It’ll be interesting to see how easily those would pop a shilka or SA-13. Then we can indeed gun-down the rest of the vehicles. If it had a Mk.5 or M247 warhead I’d be curious how it would work against proper tanks as well.

The HMCS and APKWS are going to be real force multipliers.

The Hog as it is right now is already an incredible weapons platform but with those additions it’s going to be absolutely bonkers.

I’m especially looking forward to the HMCS. That’s going to make hunting SAMs (one of my favourite pastimes in the Hog) a lot safer.

Recall that when using rockets in the A-10C that if you follow the regular CCIP pipper it’s almost equal to the gun pipper. So rocket range and gun range are about the same, in many cases.

APKWS means we can finally break that! What would have been a waste of rockets / gun rounds can now be a precision attack. I wonder how well we could do at lofting them?

Thats what has me excited as well. The unguided variant may be a close ballistic performance match for the gun but I wouldn’t trust either to reliably engage a point target beyond 2 miles or so at something that can shoot back in a dangerous manner, so that is where APKWS could come in.

I wondered about the loft range as well but I figure the battery lifetime may become a limiting asset for very long-ranged shots such as angels 25, 40 degree pitch-up launches. I’m curious to find out how far we can reliably get them :slight_smile: I saw a vid that stated the AGR-20A had a detection range of approximately 14km which was considered to be outside the ballistic range.

Sabre-TLA from Maple Flag will adapt the campaign to the A-10C II.

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Easymode luxury bomb. Feh. Real man drop FAB-1500 with nothing but iron sight and party zeal to eradicate capitalist pig.

Those look incredibly handy. What else could one want in a bomb? It’s the all-singing, all-dancing GBU-54!


The video shows a couple things of note:

  1. The GBU-54 appears to require no configuration as to which seeking method is used. So if you don’t lase, it uses INS/GPS. Laser take over if present. That is very handy.

  2. Wags is flying around 11-12,000ft at about 270kts IAS, makes a high-G turn with the beeper staying on and only goes down to like 250kts. Seems like some of those FM updates to me!

So a potential optional attack here with the GBU-54:

  1. Multiple player JTACs with individual laser codes.
  2. Multiple GBU-54 each with a code to match a JTAC.
  3. Nearby waypoints or markpoints that can be quickly cycled and engaged from the same airborne position.
  4. Release each bomb to it’s JTAC via the matching WP or MP.
  5. JTAC “catches” bomb with laser designator, guides onto moving target.

Pretty sweet concept to pull off!


And I believe, but I’m not 100% sure, that if you lase and then lose the laser the 54 goes to the last known laser spot.

Also that TAD page didn’t have the geographical map, or whatever you want to call it, can the current A10 do that? I hate that map, it makes it hard to read waypoints

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