A farewell to my past life- towards something new


Not sure what Linebacker was alluding to. Been a software developer for over 20yrs now. It’s been a great experience. Love the challenges of today’s technology. Perfect creative outlet for me. Of course I only work for startups or small companies now. Grew tired of corporate BS. And btw, I don’t have a degree.

Now, back to the OP’s story (which I want to hear).


If you love navigating rabbit holes then that’s great! I just got disinterested. Microsoft’s .NET framework put me over the edge.


Yes please.


Well I think it’s time.
I’m going to be a racing car technician, researcher and developer.


My job started two weeks ago in a tiny little town in France (Roche sur Foron) where we collected the Test Bed from Rotronics/Dynosense.

All in all we’re collaborating with really big companies and getting serious and solid results in TCR Series.

My actual duties and specific role are still being built as there’s a lot I have to learn.
I (mostly) mastered the theories of Aspirated Engines (Turbo and Supercharged) and getting to know the intricacies of data collection and analysis.

It’s tough and requires a lot of study but I’m so excited and amazed by the change of it all that somehow it’s all going down really well!

I don’t know if my happiness and excitement translate automatically in a clear exposition so…


When do you get to drive the car?


Dude, don’t you know it… :smiley: essentially whenever I want.


Holy crap, this is awesome news! Best of luck - I’ve often thought working on a team like that would be an absolute blast!


And my hero!!!
Ok, you already were… But now you are hero…ier…? :wink:

Will you get me a pit lane pass, when I come to watch a race? :pray:


That’s great news, kome! Let us know when you are coming to the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin!


The stereotype of the Italian who quits his old job to be a race-car technician just writes itself!


I’m literally in tears of joy. :sob:
Thank you all for the great words guys. :relieved:

It really means a lot to me.
If anything I’ll be free to write (and boast! :stuck_out_tongue:) a lot more about what we do so- yes - it’ll be a real pleasure to communicate all of our work gigs around the world and it’d be my true pleasure to invite each one of you in the paddocks.

If you bring a nice bottle of wine. Or cute friend- that is. You know Italian guys, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good on ya komemiute!

And remember, without pictures it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:


somehow I don’t think wives subscribe to that doctrine


Awesome, good on you! Very exciting! And yes how very Italian of you! :grin:


Really happy for you @komemiute . Congratulations! :sunglasses:


Nice one @komemiute


Remember to wear your seatbelt. :wink:


I hate to keep picking on you but, given your exciting new circumstances, I think you can probably take it.

It’s just that your sentence above has me questioning what exactly it is you seek. It is perfect English. But the meaning could be taken a few ways. I am taking it this way: If one of us brings to you some cute Italian guys you might let us have a peek at the car. And honestly, I am not sure I am willing to honor that request.


Holy carp.

You’re totally right. :rofl:
Well I totally deserve to leave it like that and take all the flak I get!


I was being nice and not bringing that up.