A10A just floats

hey has anyone had a problem with the A10A seeming like it never gets up to speed? I mean I know its a slow plane but dam. I swear Im just floating in the air, And whats with the airbrake just stopping working randomly

What’s your loadout and where are you flying?
It is very sluggish when you load too much, especially when it is hot.

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I haven’t noticed the floating, but if you are reporting that plus low airspeed, it sure sounds like the flaps are down.


Definatly check flaps.

For the air brakes, were they damaged? Over speed or hydraulic issues due to battle damage?

Secondly for both issues I’d check to see if a secondary input device is causing an issue. I often have a Xbox 360 controller plugged into the computer and at times it will interfere with DCS, often any uncommanded roll of the aircraft can be traced back to that. So see if you have something that’s causing random inputs. Also make sure if your using a joystick or throttle that the axis is getting its full range of travel thus full thrust. I’ve had issues with that and I’ve also had it where its double assigned and causing issues.

Hope this helps.


That’s what I thought to you know flaps and I will admit that sometimes the landing gear is down but then I put it back up and it just never seemed to really get up to speed now will admit that I usually do have a full load out and that’s another thing that I want to address is the loadout I can never seem to fire the appropriate weapons like every once in awhile I can get one of those IR guided ones but I can never get the tdc2 stay in one spot long enough to lock on anyting so it ends up just firing randomly way over the target like 50 miles. I can never switch between the proper ones I can never tell which ones I have and then when I do to switch to something other than IR nothing ever fires Im just lost

As for the second controller there’s nothing plugged in but I do have a steam controller dongle plugged in at all times but the controller is turned off. I don’t know if maybe that’s creating an issue. As for full travel I mean when I go into my settings and I go to calibrate and things like that is getting a full travel the throttle I really don’t know how to really mess with the curves I mean I’ve been messing with them but I really don’t know what they do or how to set them. I really dont know how to do anything in dcs. I’m amazed that I even get in the air and am able to land a couple of times hell I even landed one time with no tires I popped my tires on the first attempt and broke my landing gear still landed it I don’t know how the hell that happened. But after I landed I was just sitting there broken couldn’t roll and I could I could roll around in circles I finnally started controlling it with my left and right throttle but I couldn’t get down the runway and get to the right area and the comms werent giving me any directions so I just finally just aborted and quit. what else but yeah I don’t have any Xbox controllers or anything like that plug in now I have had a problem with the double binding in the DCS controls menu I don’t know why it randomly double bind everything I have to go through unbind the control mapping sometimes because DCS just double bound everything .I’m really starting to wonder if I have glitches in my controllers to tell you the truth or if it’s in VR issue you know I don’t know

I dont think so

I desperately really just need some one-on-one lessons some real time one-on-one lessons as I’m flying someone to be in my ear telling me what and what not to do. Cuz I can’t navigate the s*** I have absolutely no idea where I’m going or where do you even look for my headings and all that I’m just I’m lost in there

A controller going bad is possible depending on the age of the controller and how it has been treated.

I hear you about being lost… pretty sure I was lost for the first few years of the game lol

So as to your frustration with weapons, I hate to say it but that’s just the A10A. The Pave Penny pod that the aircraft uses as its sensor is difficult to use, it was a fairly early piece of kit. My best advice on that is set up your attacks as stable and far out as possible. Every input you give the air frame will make your life more difficult when it comes to using the Mavericks.

Ok I got a soft spot for the A model. Heres a couple tips that I can think of that I think might help… maybe you already know these things.

A on keyboard is Autopilot,
D on keyboard is Weapon Change
Enter on keyboard is Target Lock
= on keyboard is Zoom In
“-” on keyboard is Zoom Out

Whether you have a keyboard or a controller available you will want those keys mapped… along with some others but that’s for another time.

With that in mind lets look at our load out today.

2x AIM9, 2x HE rocket pods, 2x AGM-65K Mavericks (TV guided), 2x MK82, 2x MK20 and a jamming pod.

We have two ways of seeing what weapon is selected once we are in air to ground mode “7” on the keyboard.

Bottom left of the HUD you can see it says Mk82 so we know we have our dumb bombs, we can also confirm this by the HUD defaulting to CCIP mode.

Now we press D on the keyboard and change weapons, now we see MK20 for our cluster bombs.

We can also see each station and the status of that hard point here on the left lower side of the instrument panel. Currently our MK20s are selected.

You may notice the ALT/HDG above where it shows the weapon, this is the auto pilot, I would highly suggest using it while setting up your weapons, heck even if you are in a low threat environment unless you have the air frame very trimmed out and stable. This will give you a better more stable platform for setting up those Mav shots.

IR Mavs do not have great resolution and the Pave Penny screen doesn’t either, if you are in day operations and decent weather the TV guided ones like the K model might be a better option. Plus they can zoom where other models can’t. I would suggest playing around and finding what you like.

Lastly the A10A is a slow plane and altitude and patience are your friends. She is very nimble but doesn’t like high G’s while heavy and will struggle to climb out of a stall. The high bypass turbo fans make it efficient on fuel and quiet but don’t provide the raw power of other fighter jets.

I hope something here helps, like I said the A model is a little special to me, it was my first dip in to DCS as well years back.


Keep it light. Even those four bombs I would say make it on the heavy side to do serious maneouvering. Try it with just the gun and four mavericks. See how she moves. That’s about as hot as a hog will ever get. If you want a hotter jet, get in a MiG-29 :stuck_out_tongue:

If your as breathless while playing as your posting is, might I suggest taking a breather once in a while. Take it easy. Chill. Think about what just happened. These machines are all behaving according to rules. Learn the rules, and the behavior becomes predictable.

Try to formulate specific questions. “I don’t get it” is an emotion, not a specific question. “Why do the bombs tend to hit slightly long from where I put the dot?” is specific. We can answer those.

We all love this ■■■■, so most of us love teaching it. But we’re also a bunch of dads with real lives going on. In a sense the “FC3” modules (A-10A, F*15C, MiG-29, Su-27 and Su-25) are harder to learn than the “hardcore” ones like the F/A-18. More is abstracted away, taking granular control and understanding away from you.

High-Five @Andrew116 , green hog is best hog! someone, not naming any names, but someone who knows how to do those things should perhaps make a series of 80s hog skins for the A-10CII…


Thank you for all this help. But I forgot to mention. In the a10 I cant determine jack in the hud either. way too blurry. but i just tweeked all my settings and installed a reshade and flew the F-22 and man it was night and day. i could see, work things, change weapons, kinda work the radar if I knew what I was doing and fire and even land. I havent tried the a10 since the system tweak tho. I will say tho. I do think my therottle may be3 going because in the F-22 It will spool up to full thrust then back down and on the ground it will never shut all the way down. ( the throttle/thrust)

I think alot of my problems are poor visuals. I cant see what anything is due to VR so its taking alot away from the experience. I tweaking system to get better visuals and it is night and day like I said

ya If my visuals looked like those pictures I’d be having no problems lol

Makes sense to me lol glad to hear that you found some solutions. Keep asking questions we are all happy to help and most likely have face the same problems.

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Consider learning the basics on the 2D screen before moving on to VR.

I appreciate it’s not as exciting or immersive, but VR adds a whole new layer of complexity (tweaking for max clarity etc.) and from what I read so far, it would be good for you to get a good understanding of the fundamentals first. If you can’t read the instruments, it’s going to be hard to understand why the airplane does what it does.


What headset ?

You can use VR zoom if you have low rez (well Vive 1 , rift S etc… ) headset.

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Sorry for the digression, but this thread makes me want a full fidelity A-10A…


I find the A10C just completely overwhelming every time I attempt to learn it. It just baffles me.
Harrier looks and feels the same but it just seems easier to learn the systems.


I would kill (virtual targets) for A-10A Full fidelity.

So much A-10 Cuba memories…

Im late cold war guy :smiley: 1980-1989 would be best time frame for me. No amramms :slight_smile:


Just don’t use the pod, or only the laser spot seeker and nothing smarter than a tv maverick.