Ace Combat 7 coming to PC as well



Interesting, I haven’t played since 6 back in what… 08? But it looks kinda like their trying to get back to that formula.


First new game back in Strangereal as well. I think they wanted to go real world 'cause of Ubisoft. But fans didn’t like that


I hope it will be any good. I didn’t make it past the first mission of assault horizons. The vibrations was just to much for me.


Assault Horizon was horrible. I hope they’ve learned and keep it to the ps2 era awesomness


Oh hell yeah. AC4 for PS2 was an absolute masterpiece! Sounds, comms, music, even the cartoonish interludes where top notch.
Gods I loved it!


Was it ever. It was so horrendous.

If it can recapture even a fraction of the PS2 trilogy, it’ll be great.



It sure is shiny :slight_smile:


waiting for the “when we gonna have this in DCS” Posts… :slight_smile:


Yeah, when WILL we get a Starfighter? :sunglasses:


When are we going to have F-22s with Stealth Mission pods and rail guns in DCS?

That said if you guys wanted to implement active sky and have dank rain drop effects, no one would complain.


Eh, DCS could really enjoy a bit more of an advanced particle effects for weather…


Why would Lockheed Jets be Carrying Boeing’s Pods?


Because I don’t need to respect inter-company rivalries when I have



Gif shrinkage? Is it cold?


I am behind the mother of all dread proxies. That I even found something that looked like a gif is remarkable, much less it not working.



Not to steer this into DCS chat, I am sure we will see more, cooler effects as the get a better handle on the engine, new clouds aren’t in yet for a reason, I think they want them the best they can be.


^ This should be the quality of the Caucasus for vs 2.0 @wagmatt !!!

And here’s one for Nevada :wink: